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Fics - trick-or-treat - The Magnus Archives, Haikyuu!!

Another comm where I forgot to give a link! It's been three weeks already!

Here is my assignment! A bit of the Admiral during s5!

Titre : The world ends and cats are just fine
Auteur : Nelja
Fandom : The Magnus Archives
Persos : The Admiral
Genre : Horror fluff ?
Summary : During s5, the Admiral decides to visit a few other nightmare zones.
Rating : PG-13
Disclaimer : Everything belongs to Rusty Quill and Jonny Sims
Word count : ~900
Warnings : Blanket warning for s5 nightmares.

( Link to AO3 )

And a bonus with cat!Kenma. I wanted to write the idea, not sure I did it justice.

Titre : The cat is out of the bag
Auteur : Nelja
Fandom : Haikyuu!!
Persos : Kenma, vaguely Kenma/Hinata
Genre : Magical realism maybe
Summary : Kenma has secrets. But not to Shouyo. Not the important ones anyway.
Rating : G
Disclaimer : Everything belongs to Furudate Haruichi
Word count : ~600

( Link to AO3 )

And I also got three gifts! Three! This short minimum is perfect for treats.

A paper crown by MiraMira
How do you celebrate a king who does not wish to be celebrated?

Aftermath of a Small Boom by Floranna
Cheery climbed out from under the table and mournfully touched the spot where her eyebrows had been.

The Secret of Olive Snook by silveradept
Olive Snook is mostly unbothered by the things that happen around her with frequency, because Olive, like many of the other people near and around the Piemaker, has a unique talent of her own that helps her put things in perspective. Cette entrée a été crosspostée au https://flo-nelja.dreamwidth.org/728403.html. Commentez où vous voulez.
Tags: *fic, comm:trick-or-treat, fandom:haikyuu!!, fandom:the magnus archives, genre:gen, genre:gen-ish

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