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Trick or Treat Exchange Letter (WIP)

Hello, writer! I'm glad we share a fandom. I'm excited for this exchange ! Happy Halloween ! :-D

I love adventure with monsters, I love psychological horror, I love dark smut (including noncon, I love noncon) or dark UST, I love horror atmosphere like in classic ghost stories, and in some fandoms spooky crack is very good too.

Horror themes I love: Mind control or any kind of mind alteration (one of my very favorite tropes, gen or shippy), nightmares, black magic, possession, deals with the devil (real or metaphorical), creatures (fairies, ghosts, most fantastic animals...), corruption of heroes / falling from grace, very powerful beings trying to be nice but ending up at best being creepy, at worse hurting people.

Lighter (or not) spooky themes: Supernatural investigation, a character disguised as a monster meets a real monster by accident, human/non-human romance, forced to ally with an enemy against a terrifying threat. I also love the "maybe magic maybe mundane" atmosphere.

Art likes: Spooky black and white (or black and white + one color), tarot cards, art nouveau, a character with their head on the other's lap, background symbolism, hands (holding hands, holding someone, grabbing someone).

DNWs: Character bashing even of unrequited characters, AU except for canon divergence, non-canon incest, character death except mentioned otherwise, accidental/arranged Marriage, de-aging, gender or sex swaps, trans headcanons except mentioned otherwise, soulmates/soul marks, survival horror, Cheating, sci-fi zombies (I love vodou zombies or fantasy zombies, not contagious ones), pandemics, love at first sight, extreme underage (under 14yo), characters being less resourceful/clever/skilled/cautious than in canon, post-apocalyptic (except in a few of the TMA prompts).

Darker than Black

Amber (Darker Than Black)
Pai (Darker Than Black)

More of the backstory in America! More of what it means to be a contractor! Discovering you can still have feelings and/or principles! More about the destruction of the first gate! Hei can be there too, of course.
Or just Amber, alone, building her organization. Making plans. using her powers. Being able to live forever and still sacrificing her life for a higher cause. Seeing Pai in Hei; being right or wrong about it.
As shipping goes, I love Amber/Pai and Amber/Hei (or Amber->Hei)

Please ignore season 2 and the OVA.


Cheery Littlebottom (Discworld)
Eskarina Smith (Discworld)
Myria LeJean (Discworld)
Ronald Saveloy (Discworld)
Dorfl (Discworld)
Simon (Discworld)

* Cheery being an alchemist! Making something explode, or helping for a watch case!
* Dorfl being himself. I love Discworld golems so much. Other golems can be there, or Adora Belle.
* Myria and her identity crisis. I loved her a lot. Happy ending for her?
* Ronald: either backstory, when he was teaching, or post-canon.
* Eskarina or/and Simon: weird theoretical magic, time travel, dimension travel, romance or friendship, tragedy where Esk has lost Simon or happy AU where they still see each other but can function separately, Simon's allergies, Esk being awesome, everything!

While I adore Pratchett-like writing, don't feel obligated to imitate it.


Kozume Kenma (Haikyuu!!)
Kuroo Tetsurou (Haikyuu!!)
Nekomata Yasufumi (Haikyuu!!)
Yamamoto Akane (Haikyuu!!)
Ship: Azumane Asahi/Nishinoya Yuu (Haikyuu!!)
Ship: Hinata Shouyou/Kozume Kenma (Haikyuu!!)
Ship: Kozume Kenma/Kuroo Tetsurou (Haikyuu!!)

So, for the ships: I love pining, UST, characters being teens and having stupid hormones, mentions of volleyball, happy endings.
For the gen: my favourite thing about Nekoma is how they manage to be quite manipulative and adorable at the same time because they're symbolically cats. I love them just having fun, I have never enough of the cliché of adopting cat, I love futurefic for Akane, as the Nekoma manager or as a journalist. I love supernatural stories where they meet/are cat spirits.

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

The Gentleman with the Thistledown Hair (JS&MN - Clarke)
Ship: Stephen Black/The Gentleman with the Thistledown Hair (JS&MN - Clarke)
Stephen Black (JS&MN - Clarke)

I love the fairies in this world! Anything about fairies ritual, with the old king or the new king, would be delightful.
I also ship them, but not as a fluffy thing, and I'd like no retcon of the gentleman's death, it was perfect as it was.

The Magnus Archives

Adelard Dekker (The Magnus Archives)
Annabelle Cane (The Magnus Archives)
Neil Lagorio (The Magnus Archives)
Oliver Banks (The Magnus Archives)
Ship: Agnes Montague/Gertrude Robinson (The Magnus Archives Podcast)
The Admiral (The Magnus Archives)
Angela (The Magnus Archives)
Gabriel | Worker-of-Clay (The Magnus Archives)
The Web (The Magnus Archives)

My apocalypse DNW doesn't apply here if it's the canon one and it's reversed like in canon.

I love everyone in this fandom, but I'm asking for characters who, in my opinion, could do with more love and more fics.
* Adelard Dekker: how he came into the supernatural, solving a case, maybe his own statement about the not!them, his friendship with Gertrude, his faith... so many things to explore
* Annabelle Cane, Oliver Banks: We know quite a lot about them, but I'm still here for more, together or separately (Oliver in 121 implies she sent him? Or it's just what I love to believe). About their relationship with avatardom... I also love backstory as kids with foreshadowing.
* Gabriel: He fascinates me. We don't even know if he's a monster or an avatar, I like the idea he did the vase from episode 38 and that he was Neil's partner "Gabe". I love his death too, and his relationship with the Distortion.
* Neil Lagorio: So, he scared so many people, feeding so amny fear gods with the consent of the victims. It's a super-interesting situation, and I would love to hear about his backstory,his creative process, his knowledge (or not) of the supernatural, more of his PoV on Gabriel or Annabelle.
* The Admiral: There are fics about it! But most of them are fluff, and while I love it, I would like more about his time as a Hunt avatar during the Apocalypse. Or anything that could count as "trick".
* Agnes/Gertrude: I'm fascinated by their bond, I would take anything as long as their moral ambiguity as fear avatars is not pushed under the rug.
* Angela: This old evil lady is fascinating. Backstory, another statement where she's the villain, her being asked to join the Flesh ritual, her time with a domain in the apocalypse? Anything.
* The Web: So, a Power who developed self-awareness. i'm so very curious about the process. But original statements about the Web are perfect too, I love spiders and mind control!


Euryale Dideloo (Malpertuis)
Lampernisse (Malpertuis)
Mathias Krook (Malpertuis)
Nancy Grandsire (Malpertuis)
Quentin Moretus Cassave (Malpertuis)

Jean-Jacques is nice but a bit boring and I'm dying to have the PoV of any other character! Be it trapped gods or the ones who trapped them, strong women who know what they want. Give me complicated and creepy!
(I love Nancy/Mathias, but it doesn't have to be central to either character if you want to write gen)
For fanart, I'm super-interested in your opinion of what the characters look like! Especially the supernatural ones!

Mo dao zu shi

Wen Qing (MDZS - MXTX)

I love that in the book Wen Qing canonically is the inventor of the Golden Core transfer, she's not only a healer but also a scientist, someone who creates new things. Something focused on this side of her character would be nice!
But I also love her as an older sister (fic about when she and Wen Ning were kids is extra nice), as someone who doesn't approve of the politics of her clan but doesn't feel she has power to do something about it, as the administrator of a refugee group...
Canon divergence where the Jin actually try to use her skill instead of just humiliating her are welcome.
i'm not especially interested in any romance.

Pushing Daisies

Olive Snook (Pushing Daisies)

It's a regret of me that Olive never learned the truth about Ned's powers. Fics where she learns about it are one of my favourite things. Or stories where she has her own supernatural secrets and doesn't know if the others would believe her, for the irony.
But I would also take anything funny with her, dark humor or not!

I'm not fond on fics centered on Olive's stalker period. I mean, there can be references, I don't ask for total forgetting, but as a past thing.


Ship: Filia Ul Copt/Valgarv (Slayers)
Ship: Garv/Valgarv (Slayers)
Ship: Gourry Gabriev & Zelgadis Greywords & Lina Inverse & Amelia Wil Tesla Sey>
Ship: Zelgadis Greywords/Amelia Wil Tesla Seyruun (Slayers)
Valgarv (Slayers)

An old but favourite fandom! I love the characters having funny adventures or scary adventures or a mix of both like the show likes to do. I love Zel/Amelia and it can be a romance but it can also be one-sided subtext like in the show, as long as it's not explicitly broken.
Valgarv is one of my favourite characters, feel free to do darkfic or hurt-comfort, I have given my two favourite ships with him at different moments of the timeline, but I also love his gen relationship with Jiras and Grabos, or anothing about him!
I realize I didn't put Xelloss into the noms, I love him, he can be in any fic (not in a ship though).

Tian Guan Ci Fu

Ling Wen (TGCF - MXTX)

So I love everything about the Immortal Brocade. Everything about the communication system of heaven too - as she did it, maybe something funny about the betatesting phase? Or something about actually writing and loving to write! Her backstory and relationship with gender are good too. Or post-canon, people commenting about what they have learned about her.

I would like not too much focus on Shi Wudu and Pei Ming, or on Jun Wu.

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