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Shipping meme, day 21

21. Ship that one day you were thinking of and thought “wait, when I started shipping it?”

I think Odin/Loki from Norse myth is here. I sure didn't ship them originally in mythology books for children or in Wagner.
I remember I their relationship as a comparison for Ethan and Giles in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, whom I ship. But I don't think I was really shipping Odin and Loki at the time.
As I started doing research about LGBT myths, and I was reading the Lokasenna. It's the one where Odin and Loki insult each other about their manliness

Othin spake:
Winters eight | wast thou under the earth,
Milking the cows as a maid,
(Ay, and babes didst thou bear;
Unmanly thy soul must seem.)"

Loki spake:
24. "They say that with spells | in Samsey once
Like witches with charms didst thou work;
And in witch's guise | among men didst thou go;
Unmanly thy soul must seem."

Frigg spake:
25. "Of the deeds ye two | of old have done
Ye should make no speech among men;
Whate'er ye have done | in days gone by,
Old tales should ne'er be told."

So it's NOT about Loki and Odin together. But the way Frigg interrupts them, I don't know, it seems like other things were to be revealed. Also, the way they know all these things about each other. Not to mention the part before where Odin still has to honor his oath about beng Loki's blood brother.

So I think I started to ship this even as in my webpage about queer myths and legends I had to say they were totally not canon. ^^

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