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20 days shoujo challenge, day 20

Day 20: Favorite Shoujo Kiss Scene

(Spoiler: it's not the last day. There are bonuses.)

I have to say, kisses are not always scenes I remember well, it’s not my favourite step in romance. Classic ones, I mean, but I don’t think this meme is about hand kisses or forehead kisses

So first, let’s have one that’s a bit cheating

Ash and Eiji (Banana Fish)

It’s not a romantic or a sexual kiss, it’s a “I need to pass you an important message while no one knows and I put it in a capsule I will give you this way”. It was clever, and Eiji reacts super-well, and it also did its job of making me really want for them to kiss for real.

What about romantic kisses? I don’t hate them. Have one!

Kazuhiko and Oluha (Clover)

I remembered this one, because Clamp almost never does kisses. Also, it’s not a first kiss, it’s a very established relationship. But it’s a last kiss, Oluha knows this, Kazuhiko doesn’t. Yeah, I love tragedy, we already established this.
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