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20 days shoujo challenge, day 19

Day 19: Favorite Shoujo Confession Scene

Ooooh, you will have sadness! Again!

Nanako->Rei (Oniisama e)

I was so proud of her! Girl in first year of high school, so naive, in the same episode she’s so stressed about skipping class! In episode 18, she realizes that what she feels for Rei is love, and confessing the very same day! Go, Nanako!

But as I’m evil and love drama, it’s not a case where it works, at least not immediately. Rei is still obsessed with her sister.

Haruki->Akihiko (Given)

I’m evil again, and what gets to me is less the confession (we knew it, all the cast knew it) the cruelty of the answer. How did they translate it in English? “what does it change for me?” It’s good to have a scene that slaps you like this.

And one not!confession, maybe!confession as a bonus!

Seishiro->Subaru (X)

and then he dies. Yes, it killed me too, at the time)
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