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June Something, questions 16-20

Day 16: Do you have a fandom that you follow - either regularly or casually - with little to no knowledge of canon?

I will reblog DC comics fanart - especially Harvey/Ivy or Steph/Cass - when I read few DC Comics about them about them and none about them interacting.

At one point, I would reblog frequently Night Vale quotes without being in the fandom, but now, I've listened to quite a lot of the episodes (still reblogging the quotes)

Oh, also, a long time ago, I read some Weiss Kreuz fic without knowing the fandom. Then I tried the canon (the tv version) and didn't like it.

Day 17: Do you prefer art, fic, or vids? Why? Bonus: If someone was to give you a fandom gift, what format would it be?

Aaaah I love all of them. Fic stays with me more, I think?
(If someone wants to make me a gift, fanart of my fic is still my favourite thing)

Day 18: Recall a time when two of your fandoms collided, at least in some way. For example, a song that you fell in love with from one fandom showed up in a second fandom.

I don't remember faces, and don't remember music very well, but I often have collisions with names.

For one time, I had a Michael-with-no-family-name that I loved both in The Magnus Archives and in The Good Place.

I had an embarrassing moment for, because they sounded the same, I mixed Sakura/Li (Shaolan) in Card Captor Sakura and Sakura/(Rock) Lee in Naruto in a shipping conversation.

Sometimes, it's just parallels. Like, we laughed a lot with a friend that the 10th episode of Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Yuri on Ice was "the episode when we learn they have interacted before". It's funny because these episodes are nothing alike.

Also, I don't know if it's a collision, but it's funny I have currently two fandoms about gay necromancers. ^^

Day 19: What is something that you associate with a character in fandom, but aren't sure if it's canon or fandom?

Hum, usually, when I mix fanon and canon in my head, I'm unfortunately not aware of it.

But there are quite a few cases where I'm like "is it heavy subtext that we're meant to read into, or are we, as a fandom, reading too much into this?"

Like, is it meant by the author that Bokuto from Haikyuu!! has ADHD?

In 7 Seeds, I think that Ryo has a crush on Ango and doesn't realize it (not easy with Summer A upbringing), is it what I'm meant to get from some other characters thinking it? Or am I meant to think "oh they're projecting" and believe that he only likes Kokuri and Matsuri?

Day 20: A random character shows up at your doorstep at dinnertime saying a friend sent them. Why did your friend send that person, how does it go, and what do you talk about?

* Aziraphale comes to my door. Crowley told him I had a big collection of fairy tales books featuring the devil (it's true). Crowley also did this to embarrass me because my apartment is not very clean and I have no tea.
* I think we can have a very civil conversations about the real origin of these tales, though. Cette entrée a été crosspostée au https://flo-nelja.dreamwidth.org/702415.html. Commentez où vous voulez.
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