Les divagations de Nelja (flo_nelja) wrote,
Les divagations de Nelja

June Something, questions 10-15

Day 10: Drop your OTP or small ensemble from the fandom they're in into another fandom - how do they do?

I first thought about Jon/Martin. And I thought about throwing them in Canaan House in Gideon the Ninth. And damn, Jon would make a good necromancer. But Martin doesn't have the skill for a cavalier. Maybe Melanie would have? Or Daisy? Both dynamics would be very good.

And as I was thinking about necromancy, I thought: Wei Wuxian and Wen Ning in Canaan House? Damn, I didn't think about AUs with this fandom, until this meme came :-D

Day 11: What would make you leave a fandom, or prevent you from getting into it in the first place?

The canon disappointing me. Enough for me to stop reading, and therefore not being able to understand what the people still in fandom are talking about.

It happened with Bleach, Heroes, L'attaque des Titans...

Day 12: Who is someone that you share the most fandoms with?

Oh, good question. Do you weight the fandom by the importance of my participation, or do the small fandoms count the same?
If every small fandom counts, I think it's [personal profile] malurette. If the people need to be in my current big fandoms as much as the old ones, it might be monstersqueen or anysin on tumblr.

Day 13: Squicks - What are some things that squick you in fandom - not necessarily "icky", though it can be. From anything involving blood, to bad grammar.

Hmmm, first idea was the things I won't read, but it doesn't mean it squicks me. I have absolutely no interest in no-powers AU, but it's not exactly squicky to me. Just a total lack of interest.

So, let's say tropes that actively squick me: dystopias, magical age regression or rapid aging, cheating, epidemics and pandemics, emphasis on money problems, hair shaving, forced feminization (including on female characters who are tomboys). I have no idea why. I don't get squicked on far worse things.

Some reader insert fics because I take them to seriously, like "nooo, it's not me, I'm OOC, don't insert me into that fic".

Characters being written as any kind of bigots when there's no hint of it in the text. Characters being deprived of their canon skills and cleverness, be it as bashing or with affection "oh he's a himbo". Even justified by the plot I don't like it.

Day 14: What fandom broke your heart?

Tokyo Babylon, a long time ago. I enjoyed it.
Same for Les Misérables.
Having my heart broken is, to me, a good feeling, not the same as being disappointed.

Day 15: What fandom pairing took you over like Venom took over Eddie?

Bill/Ford from Gravity Falls. It has so many of my narrative kinks together, it's absolutely scandalous. I had never written more than one chaptered fic about the same ship before. Cette entrée a été crosspostée au https://flo-nelja.dreamwidth.org/702161.html. Commentez où vous voulez.
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