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June Something, question 5

Day 5: Compare and/or contrast your very first fandom obsession and your very latest fandom obsession.

This question made me wonder a lot of things, but mostly
* Am I meant to contract the content of the fandoms, or the way my obsession was manifesting?
* What is my first fandom obsession?
* What is my last fandom obsession?

So I will play with it as a meme! I will list some contenders for my first fandom obsession, some for my last one, with how my obsession manifested every time. You will choose one in every list, and then I will compare and contrast the contents!

* Greek mythology : When I was a kid, I was reading every book the libraries of my town had on Greek myth. It was even the first time I was allowed to borrow books at the adult section, because I wanted them all.
I had favourite characters, of course. My mother had sewed me a dress that looked like classic Greek tunic for me to pretend to be a Greek goddess.
With my sister, we replayed the story of Eros and Psyche with her My Little Pony characters.
But I didn't imagine stories, not that I remember. So, does it count as a real fandom obsession, or is it more an equivalent of being obsessed with dinosaurs?

* Star Wars : Watched The Empire Strikes Back in middle school, became obsessed with it. I wasn't able to watch the other movies, so I read the novelizations of them. I was surprised later. There were so many more explanations in the novelizations!
Unlike the Greek myth, I was a bit ashamed with this obsession and hid it. My father was not into science-fiction, and my mother was not into stories about war, so...
I imagined my first Mary-Sue in this fandom! I can't believe I remember!

* Les Rougon Macquart : Not really a fandom, I guess. I had to read Germinal in first year of high school, loved it, read the whole series. Dysfunctional family with mental illnesses, yeah!
I was ashamed about it too. Not about reading them, but about being obsessed with them. I bought one of the books of the series for myself and put it in wrapping paper and under the Christmas Tree to pretend someone else had given it to me (it didn't work). I did stealth cosplay that only me knew.
I imagined a ton of OC (Mary-Sues too). I didn't write even one.

* Tolkien : I had tried to read The Hobbit as a kid but I didn't grab Tolkien's humor. I was about 18 when I read Lord of the Rings for the first time, and got fully in it. I immediately read The Hobbit, successfully this time, The Silmarillion, the Lost Tales, and was so sad the whole History of Middle-Earth books were not translated! I didn't read English at the time.
This time, I had actual fandom friends to share this obsession with! Including them talking in detail about their MERP games! (I would have loved to join).

* Evangelion : I bought the tapes as soon as they were out in France! It was the first time where I discovered the fandom in general: conventions, fanfics, fanarts, so much merchandise. I went on the Internet, subscribed to mailing-lists, tried to understand sites in English. I learnt what shipping was, what antishipping was, what yaoi was. I got recced a lot of "if you liked Evangelion, you might like..." aaah, it was a good time.
This was a fandom obsession for sure, even if I didn't feel able to write fics. So any one after Eva won't qualify as the first one.

* The Magnus Archives : A proper obsession. Discovered it in 2018, in the middle of s3. I loved the universe, loved the characters, loved the shipping, even loved the format even if podcasting is not my style usually - but short ghost stories very much are.
I have 80 fics for in on ao3! I started to write regularly in English! I joined a few discords, followed a lots of people on tumblr. Listened to the episodes the second they were out, even stealthily arranged my work hours to be able of doing it, and immediately chatted with equally-obsessed friends just after. I bought quite a bit of merchandise too.
I'm not sure it's my last fandom obsession. It's my last huge one, sure, but the canon is finished, and my interest is slowly diminishing.

* Haikyuu!! : My sister made me read it. It was not the only sports manga she made me read, but it was the one I was deadly invested. It's manifesting differently from most other ones. I'm talking about it with my sister, a lot, and we send each other fanart links. But I didn't meet anyone thanks to it. Which is weird, because it's huge! But it's also intimidating. Also, I have friends who were in it when it started but are no longer interested. It's my fault? I got in late.
I'm writing few fics, and in French, this time. I'm reading a few, but mostly the ones my sister recs me. But I'm loving so many characters and I'm shipping so many ships. Totally counts as a fandom obsession. But a almost-private one. Even if it's not by choice.

* The Locked Tomb Trilogy : I've loved the first book. I didn't want to read the second one, because it meant I would have to waaiiiiiit! I did it anyway. There are a lot of books I enjoy, but these ones are tailored to become a fandom. S much f/f shipping, so many interesting worldbuilding points! I'm not deep in the fandom, but I think it's just a matter of waiting for the last volume and being able to dive into it while knowing everything.
Not sure it's an actual fandom obsession, but it could be the next one. :-D

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