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June Something, questions 1-4

[personal profile] malurette told me that you didn't have to start on the first of June! You just have to answer all the questions in June! So I can answer them today, and I'm not late :-D

Day 1: What's changed about your fandom life in the last 365 days?

* My main fandom for this year, The Magnus Archives, had its last episode.
* After a hiatus of about 15 years, my sister started writing fanfic and drawing fanart again! She invited me in her fandoms, I especially loved Haikyuu!!, the shônen manga about volleyball. Also I'm her beta! And I teach her how to tag on AO3!
* And of course I discovered new fandoms. I finished 7 Seeds and it was really good, and I'm enjoying The Locked Tomb Trilogy.

Day 2: You've got your OTP, you have to throw a third into the mix (from the same fandom), creating an OT3. Who is the OTP, and in your opinion, why would they make a perfect third for them? Bonus question: What about adding a third to your OTP from a different fandom? Who and why?

There is now a meme of this! here!
But if it's the first OTP I'm thinking about, hmmm
* The Magnus Archives, Jon/Martin. I'd add Elias for the awfulness.
* Gravity Falls, Bill/Ford. I'd add Dipper, not for the awfulness, it' already here, for extra awfulness
* Haikyuu!!, Kuroo/Kenma. I love Kuroo/Kenma/Hinata more than I should.
* Gideon the Ninth, Gideon/Harrow. Gideon will hate me if I add Ianthe, so maybe Alecto? I'll see after book three :-D

Day 3: What's a favorite, or at least memorable fandom meeting/interaction that you've had?

I remember a few years ago, I had a new colleague, who was a manga fan. I was happy. We had planned to see each other at an anime convention, and here I find her... at the same fanzine stand as a long-time Internet friend.

Cue three-way surprise "you two know each other?"

It was very fun.

Day 4: What are the origins of your penname/username?

Nelja means "four" in Finnish. It's the name of one of the geese in Nils Holgersson, one of my favourite childhood books, and I love how it sounds. So I gave the name to a character (a geeky fairy) who was meant to be a one-time NPC in a tabletop RPG session. The PCs loved her, so she bacame recurrent. I got attached to her and used her as a penname. Cette entrée a été crosspostée au https://flo-nelja.dreamwidth.org/700498.html. Commentez où vous voulez.
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