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20 days shoujo challenge, day 10

Day 10: Favorite Shoujo Female Supporting Character

Once again I can’t choose. Once again I’m cheating.

Favorite Shoujo Female Supporting Character in a manga: Kasumi Karen (X-1999)

Karen is sexy. She’s also classy enough so that she looks elegant and powerful even in frilly underwear. She has such pretty hair. And I love her fire powers.

I also love that she’s not on the Dragons of Heaven side because of a trauma (if anything, it’s despite the trauma) or because she has been raised for it, but because she has conviction, probably in her faith (once again, despite the way she was raised), probably in humanity. Ha, I love that the sex worker is the mentally balanced adult of the team with a relatively healthy emotional life. :-D

(But also I want to hug her)

Favorite Shoujo Female Supporting Character in an anime: Arisugawa Juri (Shoujo Kakumei Utena)

Oh, another character who is hot AND badass AND elegant AND has a tragic backstory! How predictable I can be! I really love the writing of Utena in general, so her story got to me, both emotion-wise and symbolism-wise. My heart was so pleasanly broken at the end of episode 7 (I had guessed nothing) and in every episode about her later.

Also! Having a crush on her helped me realize that I was bi in real life! There are a lots of reasons why its good to have lesbian characters in fiction, but one of the most secondary ones is: you don’t feel any weirdness on having a lesbian crush on them, so it helps you understanding things about yourself.
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