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20 days shoujo challenge, day 7

Day 07: Favorite Shoujo Male

(Given the way the next questions are asked, I assume it means favourite leading male)

Favourite shoujo male in a manga: Sumeragi Subaru (Tokyo Babylon)

(He’s also in X, I love him also in X, but he’s not a leading character here)

What can I say, I love tragic heroes. I love him as an innocent exorcist who just wants to help people and will never be happy because he can’t help everyone, even less if he wants a life for himself. I love him as heartbroken and going through the motions, having lost his sister and still in love with the man who ruined his life, and even if we will never have the ending of X, I also loved his situation last time we saw him (more tragedy!)

Favourite shoujo male in an anime: Kikuhiko | Yurakutei Yakumo (Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu)

(I haven’t read the manga yet. Maybe I’ll love it just as much. But as it’s about an art involving voices, and Kikuhiko is voiced by Akira Ishida who makes a wonderful job, I’ll always love this version. The rakugo scenes are incredible. And the symbolism about death...)

Kikuhiko is the one who’s not a genius, but works hard and seriously. Would be a rival is most mangas, he hasn’t Sukeroku’s natural charisma. But he’s the one who lives, he’s the one who inherits such a complicated heart, made of regrets, love and resentment intermingled, lies he tells to other and lies he tells to himself. He’s such a complex, interesting, fascinating character, and we discover him layer by layer. I loved following him for such a long time.

Also, he gets even hotter as he’s getting older :P

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