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20 days shoujo challenge, day 5

Day 05: Favorite Fantasy Shoujo

Of course my favourite fantasy shoujo mangas are the ones I already presented in “Favourite shoujo”, Tokyo Babylon and Utena. You can add “Hyakki Yakoushou” from the underrated shoujo day (it it urban fantasy or horror? No idea). But will I pass the opportunity to rec another of my faves? No.

Princess Tutu

Princess Tutu is a magical girl anime inspired by ballet and fairy tales.

Once upon a time, a writer died, and his characters escaped in the real world to live their unfinished story to the end. The hero, a prince, used the shards of his heart to seal the villain, a gigantic raven.

Ahiru is a duck. She one days sees the now-emotionless prince and wants him to smile again. She makes a deal with a creature who looks like the dead writer to become the Princess Tutu: she can bring him back the lost shard of his heart, but she can never confess her love, otherwise she’ll die. She also gets a human form, to live undercover in the same ballet school where her prince goes. (She’s no good at ballet. It’s a cover. But she discovers she likes it)

I adore this anime. it’s a bit slow to find its voice - I got into it only after episode 4 - but the plot and worldbuilding are good, the characters are very lovable even in their dark sides. It’s sometimes unexpectedly dark, but most of the time unexpectedly hopeful. I really love what they did with the fairy tale references, and the classical ballet soundtrack is always a pleasure.

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