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20 days shoujo challenge, day 2

Day 02: Favorite Shoujo

Ha, these questions are so hard! OK, you know what. I did two the first day, I will give two answers today too.

Favourite shoujo anime : Shoujo Kakumei Utena

Shoujo Kakumei Utena is an anime from 1997. I imprinted on anime from when I was young, of course. But it’s also very good.

Utena is a teen who, when she was young, was saved from despair by a prince, after her parents’ death. She wants to find him again, but, more than this, she wants to become a prince herself.

One day, Saionji, the vice-president of the student council humiliates her best friend. She challenges him to a duel. After she wins, the girl she thought was Saionji’s girlfriend comes to live with her and declares she his Utena’s fiancée now - until Utena loses a duel.

And that’s how she gets caught into this series of duel, mindfuck, coming of age, fairy tales symbolism - symbolism everywhere, in general. Oh, it’s so good, weird and fascinating. Also, the range: you can have deep tragedy in one episode and surfing elephants the next one.

(Warnings: heavy, even if nothing is graphic! Incest, underage sexual content, torture, so much mindfuck, some mentions of death)

Favourite shoujo manga : Tokyo Babylon (CLAMP)

Tokyo Babylon is a manga by Clamp, from the early nineties. Subaru Sumeragi is the heir of a family of exorcists. Because he fells strong empathy for the ghosts he meets, he’s good at his job. For the same reason, the job takes an heavy toll on him.

Hokuto is his lively and supportive twin sister. Seishirou is a veterinarian, a friend who often visits, and, like Hokuto, has small powers on his own (he says he’s from a remote branch of Subaru’s family hereditary enemies). Seishirou flirts with Subaru, Hokuto supports it. Subaru is flustered and very much not ready.

The ghost stories are committed to sadness, with a darkness that can be more blamed on society than on supernatural events. I love them. I love the atmosphere very much.

But I also love all the three characters, and the interactions between them. Seishirou/Subaru was one of my first ships and I still love it a lot. Hokuto and Subaru still are one of my favourite sibling relationships.

(Warnings: heavy again, so much death, blood, unhealthy relationships, underage main ship but really it’s not the ship’s main problem, NOT a good ending. I love tragedy. Nor everyone does.)

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