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Fairy tale inspired

Hello fellow fan! Here is my letter mixing fandoms and fairy tales.

What I like:
* I love angst (especially of the pining or guilt kind), I love humor, I love adventure, I love horror (subtle or not), I love romance from get-togethers to established relationships, I love mystery, I love eroticism even if for this exchange I don't except all-smut.
* I love dialogue: any kind, from mundane conversation to dramatic confessions and declamations. Verbal manipulation.
* Any kind of supernatural powers, especially mind alteration.
* Characters being clever and skilled.
* I love canon-compliant fics, canon divergence, myth or fairy tale AUs (of course), magical realism AUs where creatures exists and it's normal, supernatural AUs where creatures exist and no one knows.

Do not want:
* All kinds of AUs except mentioned in likes
* Character bashing
* Incest. Underage under 14yo.
* Cheating
* Medical themes, injuries with lasting effects, pandemics.
* Non-canon death of canon characters. Mass death. Apocalypse fics.
* Love at first sight outside of supernatural influences (lust at first sight or friendship at first sight are good)
* Accidental/Arranged Marriage, De-Aging, Gender or sex swap, soulmates/soulmarks (soulbonds are okay),
* 2nd person fic
* Humor based on misunderstandings or incompetence

Black Sails


* Creatures - Grim Reaper
* Creatures - Merfolk
* Creatures - Kraken
* Creatures - Ghosts
* Creatures - Zombie (Vodun)

Optional prompts:
- Eleanor and Max, pre-canon, pillow talk about surpernatural tales that happened to them when they were little (or did they). I'd like better the zombies for Max, because you know, culturally-appropriate metaphor for slavery.
- Any of the girls, or both, with mermaid ascendance.
- Some sailors say they have seen a supernatural creature. Eleanor deems herself the only person in the town with sense and investigates. Max things she hasn't much sense and comes along. It can be pre-canon when they were together, or s3 with them as bitter exes or as friends again.
- You remember when in Max's play, Eleanor's death took the shape of a black woman? You remember that in this universe, visions of the personification of death exist? Take this as you wish.
- Post-canon, Eleanor haunts Max as a ghost.


Akaashi Keiji/Bokuto Koutarou
Azumane Asahi/Nishinoya Yuu
Kozume Kenma/Kuroo Tetsurou
Hinata Shouyou/Kozume Kenma
Hinata Shouyou/Kozume Kenma/Kuroo Tetsurou
Tendou Satori/Ushijima Watatoshi
Kita Shinsuke/Miya Atsumu

* Creatures - Kitsune
* Creatures - Bakeneko
* Creatures - Tengu
* Creatures - Satori
* Creatures - Boto Encantado (Dolphin Shapeshifter)

I really love what the author did with animal imagery. So yeah, give me the obvious!
- Someone being secretly a supernatural creature. Tengus for Karasuno, Bakenekos for Nekoma, kitsune for Inarizaki, and well, Satori is Tendou's first name. (also, Nekomata. It's on purpose. I don't ship him but he can be here)
- Magical realism AU where some of the characters are not secretly at all supernatural creatures. They still play volleyball.
- Or you know, people just meeting a supernatural creature. and here it doesn't need to be the right animal imagery, anyone of them!
- Or, to be more simple, characters telling each other monster stories at training camp.
- the botos are here specifically for Hinata's travel to Brazil. Or at least it was my first idea, but as Azumane and Noya are travelling around the world, they can visit Brazil too!

Hikaru no go

Fujiwara no Sai & Shindou Hikaru
Shindou Hikaru/Touya Akira

* Fairy Tale - The Travelling Companion
* Creatures - Tsukumogami
* Creatures - Youkai
* Creatures - Grim Reaper

Optional prompts:
- For fairy tale AUs, I find "The travelling companion" perfect for both relationships (poor Akira. But he's under a spell, he has excuses). The guy helped by a ghost who helps him to seduce and save a princess. I love this.
- The others are more for canon compliant and canon divergence fic. Even if tsukumogami can be evil, I find them hilarious. Special bonus if it's a go-related object going alive, and characters dealing with tham. Thanks to Sai, Hikaru knows supernatural beings exist. Akira doesn't.
- If you go that way, youkai or tsukumogami, and Akira is here, if you can put some way to have Akira and Hikaru talk about Sai, I'll be very grateful.
- For the Grim Reaper, I was thinking about Sai's deaths, the one that didn't take, the one that did, and the difference between the two. Maybe Hikaru experiments or researchs how to talk to the grim reaper/shinigami because he wants to say goodbye?

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

Stephen Black/The Gentleman with the Thistledown Hair

* Fairy Tale - Heer Halewijn
* Fairy Tale - Goblin Market
* Legend - Seelie and Unseelie Courts
* Creatures - Changeling
* Creatures - Ghosts

Optional prompts:
- Stephen and the Gentleman visit the Goblin market
- Stephen is haunted by the Gentleman's ghost (or rather, a kind of fairy afterimage)
- The other legends call more for a full fairy tale AU, but if you can make them work in universe, even if the timeline for Stephen changes from birth, I would love it!

The Magnus Archives

Original Statement Giver & Monster

* Creatures - Jorogumo
* Myth - The Wild Hunt
* Creatures - Bakeneko
* Creatures - Banshee
* Creatures - Boto Encantado (Dolphin Shapeshifter)
* Creatures - Dullahan
* Creatures - Kelpie
* Creatures - Siren
* Creatures - Will-o'-the-wisp
* Fairy Tale - Baba Yaga
* Creatures - Succubus
* Creatures - Incubus
* Fairy Tale - Goblin Market
* Myth - Les Lavandières
* Creatures - Kitsune
* Creatures - Zombie (Vodun)
* Creatures - Popobawa

Hello! Have a statement about a mythological monster! Maybe another historical statement? Or not, modern day monsters are awesome too, taken at the Magnus Institute, the Usher Foundation, the Pu Songling institute, or any of your invention, so it can happen in any country with characters from any origin.

I always thought the Wild Hunt was the medieval version of the Everchase. Jorogumo would be good Web monster. Popobawa seems Eye, with the insistence on telling everyone. Or, I don't know, surprise me. Give me the Powers version of a mythical monster! (I like better if it's clear which Power is at work)

Marvel 616

Danielle Moonstar/Rahne Sinclair
Kitty Pryde/Illyana Rasputin
Douglas Ramsey/Warlock
Erik Lensherr/Charles Xavier (616)

* Creatures - Banshee
* Creatures - Loch Ness Monster
* Myth - Veeho
* Creatures - Kelpie
* Creatures - Will-o'-the-wisp
* Creatures - Cat Sìth
* Creatures - Cù Sìth
* Creatures - Eldritch
* Creatures - Ghosts
* Creatures - Changeling
* Fairy Tale - Baba Yaga
* Fairy Tale - Goblin Market
* Fairy Tale - Jean the Soldier and Eulalie the Devil's Daughter

I love Marvel Heroes meeting creatures of their culture. All myths exists in this universe. It can happen at any time, though I have a weakness for the eighties arc.
I also love fairy tales AU. I have read all the Marvel Fairy Tales, and it was fun!

Optional prompts:
- Illyana as an escaped Changeling, kidnapped by evil fairies rather than a demon. Bonus if something replaced her in the meantime.
- Rahne going back to Scotland, and either meeting a local creature, either being taken for a Cù Sìth.
- Veeho, The Cheyenne trickster deciding to test Dani
- How do ghosts work when you're in w aorld that can be temporary. Do they stay? Can you meet your own ghost?
- Xavier and Magneto forced to ally against some Eldritch monster.

Soul Eater

Maka Albarn/Crona
Medusa Gorgon/Franken Stein

* Legend - Melusine
* Fairy Tale - Jean the Soldier and Eulalie the Devil's Daughter
* Legend - Faust
* Fairy Tale - Baba Yaga

Optional prompts:
- For Jean the Soldier, I can totally imagine Crona as the devil's child falling for a hero type (I like better non-binary Crona in canon, but if you want to mix with the tale and make them a girl, why not)
- Melusine for Stein/Medusa, because well, she's a snake woman, and you don't want to know too much about her? Or Crona as the child of a snake with a curse? Both work.
- Stein doing deals he shouldn't do for knowledge, and Medusa being his Mephistopheles
- For Baba Yaga, do what you want, but I think she totally could be a character in this universe. She's got the vibe.

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