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Femslash kink letter

Hello, fellow writer! Thanks for participating to this exchange and for loving femslash. I'm glad you have a fandom in common with me. I'm sure I will be very happy with the fic you will write for me! All the prompts are optional, but I love to have some light reading in the letter when I'm writing for someone else. :-D

What I like:
* Dialogue: characters having conversations, love confessions, begging, enthusiastic consent, manipulation with lies or hard truths, praise, everything.
* Angst, especially of the pining or guilt kind.
* Use of superpowers or magic in sexual situations.
* Especially any kind of mind control, mind alteration, by a character or an external influence
* Characters being clever and skilled. Competence kink.
* Characters feeling lots of physical pleasure, and having orgasms (even in cases of noncon porn). Potentially lots of them, even if it's a bit unrealistic or you have to resort to supernatural reasons.
* If underage sex, I like it with teenage crushes, teenage hormones, fumbling with real, sharp feelings, no exhaustive knowledge about sex. I really won't mind if nothing happens and it's not heavy UST with lots of masturbation and vivid fantasies. Of course I won't mind if they have sex either.
* I love non-penetrative sex, cunnilingus, clit rubbing, frottage, breastplay. I love vaginal fingering too.

Art likes
* Mouths: Cunnilingus, biting, hickeys, kisses all over (especially on neck or thighs), finger sucking
* Hands: Fingering, finger sucking, manhandling, hand kissing.
* I love breasts, in corsets, lingerie, or naked
* Hair, playing with hair, hair down or, conversely, nice unusual hairdos.
* Kneeling
* I adore art nouveau and tarot cards but if it doesn't suit your artistic vision don't feel obligated.

Do not want:
* All kinds of AUs except canon divergence. Even in canon divergence, I'd rather characters keep their canon personality and most of their history
* Bimbofication. BIG squick here. The words bimbo and himbo in general.
* Daddy or mommy kink.
* Incest. Underage under 14yo.
* Watersports or scat or emeto as central to the fic (mentions are fine).
* Description of heavy injuries, especially with lasting effects, or surgery. Characters getting piercings onscreen (having them is fine). Syringes.
* I'm not into reference to real life issues: racism, sexism, homophobia, ideally don't exist here (exception for a bit of homophobia, internalized or not, in historical fandoms). Not do STDs. Neither references to systemic rape. Absolutely no nazis, even to punch them.
* Any kind of "mechanical" sex, where the characters don't have strong emotions about it. External PoV - because I want all the feelings, as I was saying :-)
* Mention of any character being in love/lust of another only for their looks. Actually, any "love at first sight" stories. Lust at first sight is very fine, but can blossom into love only once they know each other more. Exceptions for when there's a creepy supernatural influence.
* Mentions of pregnancy.
* Character death. (mentions of canon deaths are fine, but I don't want non-canon character death to be even mentioned, neither innocent OCs being massively killed - threats are fine if everyone is saved in the end).
* Hair shaving
* 2nd person fic

Black Sails

Eleanor Guthrie/Max

* Character A thinks they're seducing Character B but it's actually the other way around
* Competence Kink
* confessions during sex
* Corsetry
* Inner Thigh Kisses
* Hickeys
* Massage as Foreplay
* Massage turns sexual
* Porn with Feelings
* Prostitution
* Seduction

Optional prompts:
- Pre-canon, Eleanor and Max seducing each other and learning how to deal with real feelings on their commercial arrangement
- Post break-up, angsty dream sex.
- Post-canon, Eleanor as a ghost


Mindf-ck/Sistah Spooky

* Character comes back wrong and it makes the sex better
* Coming Till Passing Out
* confessions during sex
* Dream Sex - Results in Real Orgasm
* Having Sex for Ritual Magic
* Reunion Sex
* Telepathic Sex
* Telepathically Eavesdropping On Other's Sexual Fantasies
* Telepathically Induced Orgasms
* Use of Magic or Superpowers During Sex

Optional prompts:
- Pre break-up happy sex with all kinds of superpowers involved.
- Hannah being unable to stop herself from hearing Theresa's kinky thoughts, or to stop Theresa from hearing her kinky thoughts.
- No real noncon, but dubcon in the shape of "magic made us do it but we would have loved to do it anyway" is always good.
- Anything angsty with Hannah's psychic memory in Theresa's head, fixing bad memories.
- I'm always for fics where Hannah comes back, her NOT coming back was too unfair, and happy reunion sex. As much or as little plot as you want.
- I'm okay if she comes back wrong too as long as she's still her and not a demon pretending to be her (but if the self-pruning on her dark desires in undone, there can be doubts)

Little Witch Academia

Ursula Callistis | Chariot du Nord/Croix Meridies

* Antagonism Leads to Sex
* Awkward First Times
* confessions during sex
* Dreamsharing - Sex Dream
* fleeting moment of unexpected tenderness in the midst of hate sex
* Masturbating Over Object of Pining
* overhearing masturbation
* Power Dynamics
* Sex Play Between Equally Inexperienced Kids
* Sex Pollen
* Sharing a Bed - One Character Has Wet Dream
* Unresolved Sexual Tension
* Unwilling Arousal

Optional prompts:
- At the academy time, messy mutual pining as they're meant to be a bit angry with each other. Maybe Chariot heards Croix masturbate about her?
- Confrontation escalates, by the time of canon.
- Accident of love magic, sex pollen, shared dreams, on any supernatural pretext.
- Getting together (or back together) after the canon, with actual forgiveness.

The Magnus Archives

Agnes Montague/Gertrude Robinson

* Mind Control
* Soulbond Leads to Dream Sex
* confessions during sex
* Dreamsharing - Sex Dream
* fleeting moment of unexpected tenderness in the midst of hate sex
* Mutual Pining
* Power Dynamics
* religious kink
* Unwilling Arousal

Optional prompts:
- Due to their soulbond, Gertrude and Agnes were sharing dreams. Very hot dreams.
- They didn't meet in person when they were young, but thought it was safer to send each other secret letters. The letters become heated.
- Emma, as jealousy or web machinations, makes them to it to put a strain on their relationship. A Leitner could be involved, or just Web powers.
- Sex as catharsis after killing Emma, angry about each other and their gods and themselves.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Agatha Harkness/Wanda Maximoff

* Begging
* Character is aroused as side effect of using magic
* Dom/sub - not 24/7 but reflecting RL power roles
* fleeting moment of unexpected tenderness in the midst of hate sex
* Forced Orgasm
* Kneeling
* Mind Control
* Power Dynamics
* Reality Bending
* Sex as Grief Processing
* Use of Magic or Superpowers During Sex
* Unwilling Arousal

Optional prompts
- So, Agatha in front of Wanda, brainwashed, kneeling, and flirting with them, made me wonder, was she already attracted to her? Did Wanda put the attraction here? On purpose or not? I'd like a fic that answers that.
- Wanda going to ask Agatha some magic question, Agatha begging her not to change her back as Agnes, offering sexual services in addition to mentoring services.
- Wanda keeping 'Agnes' with her, and sometimes changing her personality to what she needs right now, on purpose or by excess of magic, can be just weird and creepy, can get really dark and kinky.

Michiko e Hatchin

Atsuko Jackson/Michiko Malandro
Michiko Malandro/Original Female Shapeshifting Dolphin Character

* Antagonism Leads to Sex
* Biting
* Captivity as seduction
* confessions during sex
* fleeting moment of unexpected tenderness in the midst of hate sex
* Having sex with a Monster Girl
* Hypnotism
* Large breasts
* overhearing masturbation
* Pheromones
* Power Dynamics
* Shapeshifting during sex
* Sharing a Bed - One Character Has Wet Dream
* Unresolved Sexual Tension
* Unwilling Arousal

Optional prompts:
- Michiko and Atsuko as teens, at the orphanage. Michiko hears Atsuko masturbate about her
- Michiko trying to seduce Atsuko while in prison, hoping for a change to escape/other advantages
- This-is-a-bad-idea sex one day they're both depressed and Michiko thinks she will never see Hiroshi again and Atsuko thinks her pride is not worth much
- Post-canon, the weird experience of seeing each other after Atsuko does not have to run after Michiko

- So, pink dolphins in the Amazon shapeshift and turn into humans to have one-night stands with human woman, or kidnap them to their underwater city. Let's pretend some of them are not straight! (Also, let's not forget some female dolphins literally have vaginal fluids that cause non-stop orgasm. It's biology)
- Maybe Michiko is hypnotised by a pink dolphin that has sex with her and then makes her forget half of it? Maybe she was just drunk or took weird drugs against a fever? Who knows.
- Michiko is kidnapped to the underwater city. She let herself be kidnapped, maybe even flirted first, because she suspected Hiroshi might be a pink dolphin and she would need to have a look. (She escapes finally, because she is badass) (also maybe he really is? it works ^^)

Once upon a Time in Wonderland

Queen of Hearts | Cora/Red Queen | Anastasia (Once Upon a Time in Wonderland)

* Character A thinks they're seducing Character B but it's actually the other way around
* Corrupting character to your side via sex
* Dom/sub - not 24/7 but reflecting RL power roles
* Mentor/Protégé
* Possessive Sex
* Power Dynamics
* Sex Magic
* Unresolved Sexual Tension
* Use of Magic or Superpowers During Sex

Optional prompts:
- Mutual seduction with lots of emotional manipulation that is not really needed.
- Teaching sex magic (I don't mind if there's mention of past Rumplestiltskin/Cora, just don't make it central)
- Cora sees a bit of herself in Anastasia and she could even like her if she had a heart. She wants the best for her, but also wants to feels her accomplishement belong to her. This, but with kink.


Kanoe/Yatouji Satsuki

* Breast Worship
* Character is aroused as side effect of using magic
* Exhibitionism
* Finger Sucking
* Groping
* Large Breasts
* Lingerie
* Multiple Orgasms
* Power Dynamics
* Seduction
* Sex Toys Under Clothing
* Under-negotiated Kink

Optional prompts:
- Kanoe flirts with anything that moves in her team. Satsuki has lots of teenage hormones. Also, she tried to pretend her only experience of sex isn't with her computer.
- Kanoe and Satsuki having fun with public or semi-public sex because they know there are a lot of people who can get embarrassed with it.
- Satsuki's first time topping, with quite a few sex toys to keep Kanoe stimulated/


Illyana Rasputin/Kitty Pryde

* Body Worship
* Guilt in Sexual Desires
* Hickeys
* Masturbating Over Object of Pining
* Mutual Pining
* Neck Kissing
* overhearing masturbation
* Sex Pollen - Something Made Them Do It
* Sharing a Bed - One Character Has Wet Dream
* Soulbond Leads to Dream Sex
* Succubi & Incubi
* Use of Magic or Superpowers During Sex
* Unwilling Arousal

Optional prompts:
- Teenage crushes, Illyana having wild fantasies about Kitty, masturbating about her, having sex dreams about her. Kitty is oblivious. Or is she really?
- Illyana fighting with her demonic side, and Kitty fighting with denial of her bisexuality. Maybe as Illyana become more demonic, she acquires succubus traits.
- Illyana's subconscious mind casts small spells to change Kitty's feelings (especially during some Limbo travel). She doesn't realize at first the happy romance she has been living was never consensual.
- Illyana gives up to her evil side, or loses totally any sense of good or evil. She wants Kitty by her side, and Kitty wants her back to the heroes' side. Illyana rapes her, with magic bondage, love/enslaving spells, or raw strength. The X-men Forever verse is good for this, but any canon divergence will work.
- After the Asgard arc, Amora wants to take revenge on Illyana. She curses her with a powerful love spell so that she will rape her best friend.
- There's an Evil!Illyana from an alternate universe when she never even tried to be good, and Kitty things it's the one she knows and won't fight back... she will try to remind her of who she is instead. It doesn't work. (I'm against character death in general, but evil doubles can totally die)

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