Les divagations de Nelja (flo_nelja) wrote,
Les divagations de Nelja

Femslash February Challenge: Day 10

Day 10 of female-centered stories with canon wlws!

This is how you lose the Time War by Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone


Length: It's a novella, won the Hugo and the Nebula in novella categories, so less than 40000 words.

Happy ending or not? Yes!

Who is the wlw? The two main characters, Blue and Red.

Is there other representation? The time travel happens in all kinds of important points in history, and it's refreshing to see relatively few of them are about white history. For the main characters, we don't have any description.

Warnings? Some murder, a lot of it by the main characters.

What about the plot? Two time travellers from two rival factions in the future, trying to make as many timelines as possible become their ideal future.
They start to send each other letters when they cross paths and spoil each other's plans, gloating becomes interest, becomes friendship, becomes love.

How good it is? It's very, very well written, especially the letters.
The worldbuilding is very gradual and the factions quite abstract, at first we don't really understand what's happening, and it can be a bit frustrating.
But the birth of their feelings is anything but abstract, and for me who loves the enemies to lovers trope, it was a perfect little story. Cette entrée a été crosspostée au https://flo-nelja.dreamwidth.org/687352.html. Commentez où vous voulez.
Tags: défi:femslash february, fandom:this is how you lose the time war

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