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Once Upon a Fic Letter 2021

Dear Once_Upon_Fic Writer,

I'm glad we have fairy tales and myths in common! I'm sure you will write an awesome story! I signed as Nelja-in-English, Nelja is my usual pseud.

What I like: Worldbuilding, characters being clever and witty, foreshadowing, weird surrealist crack that makes sense, dreams or illusion themes, characters knowing and understanding each other well, unreliable narrators, ethical dilemmas, strong women, queer themes, horror themes.

What I prefer not to read: AUs except for canon divergence, character bashing, pandemics, cheating, humor based on misunderstandings or incompetence, post-canon/AU with a sad ending when the canon has a happy one (except specified otherwise), bashing of either science/rationality or magic/spirituality to make the other one look better.

Link : https://www.gutenberg.org/files/11417/11417-h/11417-h.htm#VIII
Character : Bisclavret

I love slash, I love Bisclavret/King. But I also like when he really was in love with his wife and takes time to heal from the betrayal.

Craobh-Òir agus Craobh-Airgid | Gold-Tree and Silver-Tree (Fairy Tale)
Link: http://www.surlalunefairytales.com/authors/jacobs/celtic/goldtree.html
Characters: The Prince's second Wife

The second wive gives me a detective feeling. I'd like to see her investigate and solve some mystery. It can be some backstory, even childhood. It can be post-canon, with the help of the Prince and Gold-Tree (I ship them very much as a triad, with Gold-Tree/second wives feelings as well as the two official marriages).
Supernatural mystery or political one or very down-to-earth one, anything is good for me! Crossovers with other Celtic fairy tales (by Jacobs or not) are very good too.

Links : https://www.savacations.com/myths-legends-amazons-pink-river-dolphin/

I love everything about them. Especially when it's male dolphins seducing young girls, since usually we get the reverse as sexy supernatural creatures go. But of course I'm all for a queer version too.
I'm fascinated by the horror part: the hypnosis, the fact that they can make people crazy just by following them.
But I'll also take a good interspecies romance story, there is so few content for them!

Dynd-Kongens Datter | The Marsh King's Daughter - Hans Christian Andersen
Link: https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Hans_Andersen%27s_fairy_tales_(Robinson)/The_Marsh_King%27s_Daughter
Characters: Helga

I love very much Helga's weird condition at the beginning of the tale, and I would be really interested in a fic exploring this duality. Does she have two sets of memories, or does she remember at days what her nights are like, and vice versa? How does she feel about it? If she doesn't remember, what does day!Helga think when other people talk about their dreams or their nights, and what does night!Helga know about the world?
Pure introspection is good, daily life scenes with her parents or the storks are good too! Dark themes are okay, but no bashing, and please don't kill any animal in the fic, especially not baby storks.

Marionetspilleren | The Puppet-show Man - Hans Christian Andersen
Link: http://www.andersen.sdu.dk/vaerk/hersholt/ThePuppetShowMan_e.html
Character: The Polytechnic Professor

Who is he? Is he really a human? To me, it seems liked he provoked the dream, or at least was aware or it. It he some kind of malicious but nice fairy? But he seemed to know things about science, and I must confess the idea I liked more is a fairy who actually went to human school.
It can be his point of view on the adventure, or it can be, if you follow his route, how he decided to go to human science school. Or what happens when he comes home after. I love Andersen tales that explore the mix between science and magic, like The Dryad or the Great Sea Serpent, crossovers are very good!

Царевна Лягушка | The Frog Princess
Link: http://www.surlalunefairytales.com/babayaga/tales/koshcheideathless.html
Characters: Koschei

I read that the princess' father was Koschei, and it gives me so many questions. I want all his interactions about his daughter. Is she her biological daughter, built, kidnapped? How did he raise her? Clearly sharing his magical powers, but otherwise? I think that Koschei as a father has the potential to be hilarious, or dark (I've seen a version where she states that she's immortal and has not be raised to be bothered by pain), or both, depending on what you like better.
Alternatively, some backstory about why Baba Yaga hates him in this story would be appreciated.

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