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Femslash February Challenge: Day 4

Day 4 of female-centered stories with canon wlws!

Engelsforstrilogin (in Swedish) / The Engelsfors Trilogy (in English) by Sara Bergman Elfgren and Mats Strandberg


Length: Three sizable (500-600 pages) YA fantasy books, finished.

Happy ending or not? Good overall, bittersweet for a few characters, but the f/f ship gets one of the happiest endings

Who is the wlw? Spoiler since it starts becoming text only on volume 2. Vanessa, the hot, promiscuous girl who can turn invisible, and Linnea, the goth mind reader on social care

Is there other representation? Yeah! We see the kids fight with issues like depression, addiction, anxiety, anorexia. There are a few secondary gay male characters. Minoo is half-Iranian. Anna-Karin is Finn, which is white, but a minority in Sweden, and is the fat kid in class. Also, half the girls are working class.

Warnings? Lots of them. It has harsh themes, though it's not gratuitous to me. Bullying. Murder and more attempted murders. Attempted rape. Some high school kids have sex with adults, they're past the age of consent in Sweden but it's still a trigger for some people.

What about the plot? A Chosen One should have appeared to protect the world from a demon invasion. But nothing happened as planned. The powers were divised, and seven people, six girls and one boy, each got a part of the powers.
They all go in the same high school in a small town of Sweden with a dying economy. Most of them don't know each other, some of them hate each other. The Guardians want them to work together. They might have other priorities, or just not trust them. Maybe even they're right.

How good it is? It's one of my very favourite YA series. I love the plot, the worldbuilding, the characters, the f/f romance (not big on the f/m romances, but they are mostly realistic). I love the fact that it happens in a country that is not mine, and discovering things about their daily life.
I also love how every one's power doesn't work with their personality at all, is often the opposite of it. It gives interesting developments. Cette entrée a été crosspostée au https://flo-nelja.dreamwidth.org/685059.html. Commentez où vous voulez.
Tags: défi:femslash february, fandom:the engelsfors trilogy

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