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2020 Shipoween letter

Hello, writer! I'm glad we share a fandom. I'm excited for this exchange ! Happy Halloween ! :-D

I love adventure with monsters, I love psychological horror, I love dark smut (including noncon, I love noncon) or dark UST, I love horror atmosphere like in classic ghost stories, and in some fandoms spooky crack is very good too.

Horror themes I love: Mind control or any kind of mind alteration (one of my very favorite tropes, gen or shippy), nightmares, black magic, possession, deals with the devil (real or metaphorical), creatures (fairies, ghosts, most fantastic animals...), corruption of heroes / falling from grace, very powerful beings trying to be nice but ending up at best being creepy, at worse hurting people.

Lighter (or not) spooky themes: Supernatural investigation, a character disguised as a monster meets a real monster by accident, human/non-human romance, forced to ally with an enemy against a terrifying threat, telling ghost stories around a campfire. I also love the "maybe magic maybe mundane" atmosphere.

Art likes: Spooky black and white (or black and white + one color), tarot cards, art nouveau, a character with their head on the other's lap, background symbolism, hands (holding hands, holding someone, grabbing someone).

DNWs: Character bashing even of unrequited characters, AU except for canon divergence, incest, character death except mentioned otherwise, accidental/Arranged Marriage, de-Aging, gender or sex swaps, trans headcanons except mentioned otherwise, Soulmates/Soul marks, Survival horror, Cheating, sci-fi zombies (I love vodou zombies or fantasy zombies, not contagious ones), pandemias, love at first sight, extreme underage (under 14yo), characters being less resourceful/clever/skilled/cautious than in canon, post-apocalyptic.

Black Sails

Eleanor Guthrie/Max

Ha I love their relationships as Lovers to Enemies to Friends! And how they're both clever and ruthless with sometimes a weakness for love! Any point at the timeline.

Optional prompts:
* Pre-canon, established something with ghosts (Eleanor's mother? Max' family?)
* If you're learned with folk beliefs Max was raised with (of slaves at this time and place) I adore the subject.
* Or, still pre-canon something with awful nightmares and comfort.
* As nightmares go: something with shared dreams after Max vetoed a play with death, as a pretty black woman, claiming Eleanor?
* Post-canon, Eleanor left a ghost who's haunting Max (I don't mind Maxanne, it doesn't have to be the main subject though)

Brothers Karamazov

Ivan "Vanya" Fyodorovich Karamazov & The Devil
Ivan "Vanya" Fyodorovich Karamazov/Pavel Fyodorovitch Smerdyakov
Ivan "Vanya" Fyodorovitch Karamazov/The Devil

I love Ivan, from his darker side to his "I will now explain to you the plot of the book I'm reading, in detail" side. I like the idea that Smerdyakov did all the things he did because he had a crush on Ivan, including murder and suicide. I love when he's tormented by the devil, and I'm not above sexualizing it a bit.
Incest DNW doesn't apply here, of course, but no additional, unrequested incest

Optional prompts:
* Smerdyakov's last thoughts, as he thinks about what he did everything for him, and it became so bitter, and now he wants to hurt him.
* Parallels between Lise's crush for Ivan and Smerdyakov's. They aren't happy about it.
* The Devil taunts Ivan about what Smerdyakiv felt for him
* The devil taunts Ivan about the old blasphemous poetry he wrote about him.
* About anything really.

Darker than Black

Amber & Pai (Darker Than Black)
Amber/Pai (Darker than Black)

I love both characters, I really love how powers and retributions work in this universe!

Optional prompts:
* Any interaction in Brazil when they're being soldiers, really, especially using their powers together or protecting each other
* Same but with Hei in the fic, either for a gen relationship either for poly centered on Amber.
* Amber looks a bit older. She has already used her powers a lot and is actually a lot older. But well, it's not like contractors would care.
* Canon timeline: Amber's love for Hei is reinforced post-Brazil by the fact he has also Pai's soul in him.


Hinata Shouyou/Kozume Kenma
Kozume Kenma/Kuroo Tetsurou
Azumane Asahi/Nishinoya Yuu
Tendou Satori/Ushijima Wakatoshi

This manga is really wholesome so I don't want noncon or character death in this one.
Gen with just hints of the ships are nice too.
About having two incompatible ships on the list: by manga time I see Kuroo->Kenma->Hinata but resolve it like you want as long as no one gets bashed ^^

* Telling ghost stories in the summer at night.
* I love stealth supernatural AU where the animal symbolism gets other the top and characters are actually supernatural creatures (but they still play volleyball, because ^^). I mean, karasu tengu are a thing in Japan, manipulative cat spirits are a thing, satori is literally the name of a supernatural creature. ^^
* Nightmares with dark symbolism, comfort after nightmares.
* Any light-hearted equivalent of the "the time Hinata mistook Nishinoya for a ghost" would be awesome too.

Horatio Lyle

Horatio Lyle/Lin Zi

I love them, I love the human/non-human dynamics, the science/magic dynamics, I love the Tseiqin powers and how Horatio has trauma with them.

* Horatio put himself into a quite horrible situation and Lin can help by hypnotizing him. He's going with it but scared all the way.
* Horatio explains one of his science things to Lin. It's not that she doesn't like it, it's that she is... reasonably cautious.
* Horatio is put in a situation where he's the one who can help Lin personally.
* You know, the trope "pretending to be in a relationship until it turns true" works very well for them.

The Magnus Archives

Agnes Montague/Gertrude Robinson (TMA)
Annabelle Cane/Neil Lagorio (TMA)
Gabriel/Neil Lagorio (TMA)
Martin Blackwood/Annabelle Cane/Jonathan "Jon" Sims (TMA)
Martin Blackwood/Elias Bouchard/Jonathan "Jon" Sims | The Archivist (TMA)
Oliver Banks & Annabelle Cane (TMA)
Raymond Fielding & Agnes Montague (TMA)
Sasha James/Michael | The Distortion (TMA)

What I love most in this series: characters slowly turning into monsters, being a monster as religious devotion, all the mind control (spiders!) and mindfuck (Elias' powers!) potential. And lots of things, really, explore the worldbuilding and what it means for shipping!
I love full Archivist!Jon, Slaughter!Melanie, and I still have a thing for Web!Martin.

For this show, character death is okay, trans headcanons are good.
Specific DNW: I don't want to read about Martin getting over Jon (even Lonely!Martin). Also, I really love Jon being asexual and with basically no sexual experience (it doesn't have to be mentioned in the fic, of course, but it will probably play a role if there's sexual content)
For art, this post with canon descriptions of the characters is always super-useful. I love chubby!Martin, muscular-but-lean!Tim and black!Sasha.

Optional prompts:
* Gertrude and Agnes' soulbond manifests as intrusive thoughts that are painful and creepy for both of them. They also start feeling empathy and fondness for each other because they're going through the same things (or is it an effect of the bond too?)
* Gertrude and Agnes forced to assist each other against a common enemy.
* I'm super interested by your headcanons about Neil Lagorio. Was he feeding all the Powers with his movies, or only a select few? Was he a real avatar? Were they fighting for him? I love the idea that his own partner Gabe he worked on stop motion with was Spiral!Gabriel. I'm also fascinated by the way he was killed by Annabelle and smiling the whole time.
* Annabelle Cane has been mind manipulating Jon and/or Martin for a long time for her personal goals. She reveals it only when it's too late.
* For supernatural reasons, Jon and Martin get a spider soulbond like Agnes and Gertrude has. They won't be able to get rid of the Web part of their relationship now.
* Monster!Jon and Martin, who can be a monster too, turn the tables on Elias
* Elias plays with Jon and Martin's relationship, inserting himself though rituals, Leitners or artefacts.
* Oliver and Annabelle know each other and have some kind of weird monster friendship.
* Oliver thinks that when the Web really wants you to do something, it's better not to fight. This, but in a more personal way.
* How Agnes was raised by mind controlling spiders
* Or how she took control of her life by burning Raymond and what exactly happened with his hand?
* Sasha has been having romantic or sexual fantasies about the monster she met (and who cut her shoulder, and who saved her). She doesn't like these, except when she does.
* Some dark office comedy about a terrible thing in artefact storage would be good for any archive-related prompt.

Marvel 616

Bennet du Paris/Erik Magnus Lehnsherr (Marvel 616)
Ororo Munroe/Yukio (Marvel 616)

I know far better the old comics about them - Claremont's X-men for Ororo and Yukio, 90s for Exodus - but you can write about recent comics! Just give me the reference so I might read them first and understand everything! I will enjoy it
I like Exodus' feelings for Magneto being repressed or one-sided or both, but I can be convinced.

* Psychic accidents are always good in this fandom. Of course especially with Exodus' powers but it can happen to everyone
* I Marvel, I love characters meeting supernatural creatures from their cultures. We know they exist. Everything exist.

The Mechanisms

Loki/Odin (The Mechanisms)

Ha, my ladies mad scientists! I'm not for cheating so it's after Loki met Sigyn I see it better unrequited on Odin's side, or even completely in the past, bitter exes fic counts as shpific!
I think Loki was not fully good about the space colonialism thing at the beginning, product of her upbringing, because well, before knowing about the horrors she was friends with Odin and Thor.
If it's pre-captivity I'd like to see her with a sense of humor, but it's optional.

* Backstory, during and before the first contact with and Eldritch horror. With science!
* Manipulating each other from a distance, in a personal way, when Loki was in the resistance
* Captivity getting personal, Odin wanting to convince Loki to be on her side.

Pokemon anime

Kojirou | James & Musashi | Jessie & Rocket-dan Nyarth | Team Rocket Meowth
Kojirou | James/Musashi | Jessie

It's a fun canon, so I'd like fun spooky! No bad ending!

Optional prompts:
* I will never get tired of meetings with Ghost or Psy Pokemons doing their thing.
* Telling horror stories to each others and pretending you're not afraid / pretending it's true, with special effects, just because you want to frighten your partners.
* Any kind of Scooby Doo plot, made by them or against them.


Filia Ul Copt/Valgarv (Slayers)
Gourry Gabriev & Zelgadis Greywords & Lina Inverse & Amelia Wil Tesla Seyruun (Slayers)
Zelgadis Greywords/Amelia Wil Tesla Seyruun (Slayers)
Garv/Valgarv (Slayers)

For this show, I'd like happy endings (except for Garv/Valgarv where the bad ending is canon). The story can be as well a cracky monster than a cosmic horror!
Please no unrequested pairings except background Gourry/Lina if you want.

Optional prompts:
* Lina, Gourry, and Amelia just wanted to eat. An horrible monster disturbs them. They will fight for their food. In the meantime, Zelgadis fights, because well, it's a monster vs his friends, so...
* A monster tries to destroy the gang by using psychic powers and feeding on their insecurities and fears. They still kick its ass.
* Amelia discovers some of the most inhuman physical traits of Zelgadis.
* After confrontation mid s3, Filia has a nightmare about her and Valgarv.
* Any thing about Garv and Valgarv's backstory, really, it seems spooky only by the virtue of existing. The metaphorical (?) deal with the devil, the unwanted shapeshifting with pretty but painful wings, the angst...

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