Les divagations de Nelja (flo_nelja) wrote,
Les divagations de Nelja

TV shows meme

Taken from [personal profile] resnullius_bells: Name a TV show you like, starting with each letter of the alphabet.

A- Avatar the Last Airbender
B- Buffy the Vampire Slayer
C- Code Geass
D- Doctor Who
E- Ergo Proxy
F- Farscape
G- Gravity Falls
H- House M.D.
I- In the Flesh
J- Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
K- Kino no Tabi
L- Lastman
M- The Middleman
N- Noir
O- Orphan Black
P- Pushing Daisies
Q- Quantum Leap
R- Read or Die
S- Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu
T- Trigun
U- Utena
V- Veronica Mars
W- The Wire
X- X-1999
Y- Yami no matsuei
Z- Zorro

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