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Snowflake challenge - challenge 7

Promote/Rec/Sing the Praises of Yourself!

* I have published a book of LGBT fairy tales! Not original stories, just children-appropriate retellings of stories that exist, from a lot of cultures. It's in French. ^^

* I have written a long-ish fic for The Magnus Archives, Web!Martin/Jon

Walking with Spiders (34972 words) by Nelja-in-English
Chapters: 20/20
Fandom: The Magnus Archives (Podcast)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Rape/Non-Con
Relationships: Martin Blackwood/Peter Lukas, Martin Blackwood/Jonathan Sims, Martin Blackwood/Elias Bouchard
Characters: Martin Blackwood, Peter Lukas, Jonathan Sims, Elias Bouchard, Annabelle Cane
Additional Tags: Web!Martin, Mind Manipulation, Do Not Archive (The Magnus Archives), Smut, Unhealthy Relationships, Emotional Manipulation, Canonical Character Death, Dark, Anal Sex, Other Additional Tags to Be Added, Spiders, First Kiss, Animal Abuse, But the guy who did the animal abuse suffers for it, First Dates, A bit of Basira and Daisy and Melanie and Helen, Mind Control, Canon Asexual Character, Cuddling & Snuggling, Making Out, Non-Consensual Blood Drinking, Blood, Sad, Mindfuck, Torture, Giant Spiders, Break Up, Non-Graphic Rape/Non-Con, The Lonely Dimension, Almost Fluff, Unresolved Emotional Tension, Just a bit of Brian Finlinson, Consensual Mind Control, diverges from canon from episode 146, Soul Bond, Monsters in love, Jealousy, A bit of Agnes, Mentions of canon murders, child emotional abuse, A bit of Jude, Burns, Bittersweet Ending, Endgame Jon/Martin, Gun Violence

Summary: Martin made a deal with Peter Lukas to stop the Extinction, then he made a deal with the Spider to get out. These are lots of webs to wield and lots of webs to be trapped in.

It has not been very successful, and I want to point out that the noncon is not Jon/Martin, and also, it has quite a good ending, for a monster romance. (Also it's completely jossed since middle s4, these things happen). And it has nice things! Cute giant spider! Agnes statement!

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