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TMA Rarepair Exchange Letter

Hello, fellow TMA fan! I'm glad you will write or draw for me! This podcast is my main fandom these days!

So, let's have a list of what I love:
* Exploration of the Fears and how the characters, especially avatars, relate to them. Religious themes. Fear imagery in fanart!
* Emotions and drama and guilt
* Dark or angsty smut (including dubcon and noncon when it works with the ship)
* Weird domesticity, where strange and supernatural things become normal to the characters (or always were)
* Mind control and mind alteration.
* Spiders and spiderwebs.

What I don't want
* All kind of AUs except canon divergence. I'd like better not too much speculation about what happens after 160. Also, for fanart, I'd like better if every character looked like their canon description.
* Fic/art where the supernatural worldbuilding is a very secondary aspect (be it as smut, fluff, angst, issuefic.)
* AU where the character serve a different power except explicitly asked for
* Mutilation, graphic heavy injuries. Non-canon character death.
* Pregnancy plots.
* Second person fic.
* Character bashing even of unrequited characters, characters being less resourceful/clever/skilled/cautious than in canon. Bashing of Jon/Martin, I know it's not the point of the exchange and no problem if you ignore it, just don't make the characters explain why it's a bad ship.
* Pandemics.
* Cheating.

More under the cut with optional directions for all the ship!

Adelard Dekker & Gertrude Robinson
Adelard Dekker/Gertrude Robinson

I want all the occurrences of them being badass. First encounter? More letters? Fighting a powerful avatar together?
If you go with the ship, I think I like it better as friends with benefits, or anything with long time familiarity, than UST and getting together. Oh, and if you like smut, "a Leitner made them do it" is always good.

Agnes Montague/Gertrude Robinson
More soulbond! I love their relationship so much, even if they never talked. Of course, AU where they did is all good, but very personal letters? Psychic link in dreams? These are perfect too! I also love examining the ways they influenced each other.
Extra angst with tiny!Agnes being the one who killed kid!Gertrude's cat in a temper tantrum is good too. I also love the headcanon that Agnes is the fire ghost from episode 100.

Annabelle Cane/Alison Killala/Neil Lagorio
Annabelle Cane/Neil Lagorio

Characters of the week! To be honest, I want creepy mind control. I mean, the thing Alison and Neil had with the puppeeteering was already kinky, but with Annabelle... she controlled him and he died or it, and he was smiling. I want the erotic version of this. It can be sex, but really intense sexual tension with just a kiss can be very hot too.
Or Annabelle making Alison control Neil for this last dance, all the more creepy that she is, in a way, in love with him.
It can also be centered on Annabelle, and how grateful she is for Neil writing the Web so well, and giving him this pleasant death as a sincere gift.

Beholding/Elias Bouchard
I was a bit disappointed that Elias was only in it for the Power and didn't really loved his god, or at least it's what he claims.
I want fics where he feels a bit more the presence of the Eye, so overwhelming that he feels compelled to worship, even if he regrets it later. If there's a sexual element - with Leitners or artefacts or dreams - it's even better. It can have Jon/Elias too, if the Beholding/Elias is central, and if Elias is totally spiritually undone in the fic.

Elias Bouchard/Annabelle Cane
Elias basically says that with spiders, the best you can do is let them do their things and hope they want the same thing as you.
I want him to put it in practice while talking with Annabelle. Trying to manipulate her, but not contradicting her, and basically letting her do anything she wants. If she notices and turns it up to sexual content, it would be great! But even a forced date when she makes him pay would be hilarious.

Gabriel/Neil Lagorio
So, Neil had more than one supernatural acquaintance in his life! His "partner". I want a romantic version of this "partner", in addition to the artistic reading. I'd like for it to be about the Spiral and artistic creation - the Minotaur was that made viewers shiver, but I'm sure it was a good labyrinth too. Very weird sex is welcome!

Hezekiah Wakely/Nathaniel Beale
Hezekiah sounds like he was a bit obsessed by his dear friend. I want fic about this, preferably after he becomes an avatar, when he's all angry about Nathaniel telling in him to the police.
Maybe Nathaniel wants to mollify him by reminding him of their bound? Maybe Hezekiah didn't really want to kill him, only to initiate him to the Buried, and it killed him because he didn't accept it? I'm all for dark, victorian, avatar/human shipping.

Jack Fawcett/Raleigh Rimmell
Characters of the week again! I'm here for Raleigh seducing Jack to the ways of the Hunt. Probably with wild sex. They were alone at nights in this tent...
I like the Wild Hunt imagery for the Everchase!

Jane Prentiss & Oliver Banks
I'm so much here for more of their professional interaction as sellers in a new age/occult shop! Can be before Jane is all wormy but after she started changing, then exchanging knowing looks while customers have Opinions about the supernatural. Can be after she's a worm witch, meeting him by accident and recognizing him and having a chat.
Angst is good, I would like better no open antagonism.

Jonah Magnus/Oscar Wilde (Literary RPF)
Crack pairing! At this point of history, I think Jonah has already changed body one time, so feel free to describe it as relatively young. So, do you want Wilde to have a supernatural adventure that would inspire one of his supernatural stories? Or do you want to go darker and write about how the Beholding would feed of a gay man in a time where it was illegal? Anyway, more victorian flirting and maybe porn, if you're in the mood!

Melanie King/Tim Stoker
I want these too as friendly during beginning of s3, bonding about hating Elias. And the kind of friendship when they will have sex, just for letting the pressure go off (violent, consensual sex is good), or to shock Elias/Jon/the Eye/any authority figure they want to annoy this day. Hints of Melanie being a bit too bloodthirsty are good, though Tim canonically supports the murders attempts on Elias.
If you like smut, once again, "A Leitner made them do it" is good!

Michael "Mike" Crew/Dominic Swain
I like the ambiguity of what Mike must feel for Dominic. It's his fault he got struck by lightning, his fault he was tortured by a Spiral monster - but ultimately, it's also thanks to him that he became an avatar, and he loves being an avatar. And in addition to all this, he got Ex Altiora in his hands. But he destroyed it. On the other hand, Mike could be jealous about the book.
I also like the idea that Dominic really liked him. I mean, they haven't seen each other for quite a while, and Dominic still remembers him in an unrelated story.
What I want is Mike trying to "convert" Dominic to the Vast. Is it a gift? A revenge? He himself doesn't really know, but he's his own scary and very polite monster. Was it his choice, that Dominic could read his book?
I'm also all for putting sexual content in it, consensual or dubcon.

Oliver Banks & Annabelle Cane
Oliver Banks/Annabelle Cane

I love the weird relationship Oliver has with the Web, like, sure the spiders made him do things. It's that they do, he's not even angry. I want them to have a weird relationship this way. Absolutely no respect of boundaries but they don't care. Oliver's God is about fatalism, end you can't avoid spiders, but you can even less avoid death. I think they could have such interesting chats with no judging.
If you go with gen, it can totally be mixed with the "Oliver and Jane" prompt. He can even introduce them to each other ^^
In my head Oliver is gay, but I mean, there are mind control powers involved, so you can still make it very sexual if you want. I'd love creative use of Annabelle's powers, maybe non-sexual bondage, or her trying to see if she can bypass Oliver's dead status and making him feel physical things while his body is dead.

Peter Lukas/Michael Shelley
I love this one where they're on the Tundra, going to Sannikov Land, and it's so cold! Peter will warm him. Probably with sex. At least inviting him in his private cabin.
I'm also curious about Gertrude in this situation. Is she seething? Is she bargaining with Peter? Does she accept it because Michael Shelley being just a bit Lonely-touched will make easier for him to accept a mission he won't come back from?

Raymond Fielding/Agnes Montague
In my mind, at the time, Agnes didn't burn all the time when she was a kid, only when she wanted it or was angry, she was able to kiss this boy on the cheek after all. So that doesn't have to be an issue.
I'm all for Raymond Fielding having to resort to mundane seduction and manipulation, because Web powers work very badly on the Desolation messiah. So most of it must be done with personal interaction, and he was a very charismatic guy. So he tries to make Agnes have a crush on him (and once he manages maybe his mind control powers will actually work). Being so very nice and supportive, and secretly hating her.
If you're going the nsfw road (which I would love!), no underage sex under 14 years old.

Sasha James & Michael Shelley & Gerard Keay & Tim Stoker
To be honest, I asked for this one because I wanted afterlife fic. Beholding afterlife, when the can see what their former friends are doing, and only see. But if you can make it work any other way, go you!
I love friendship, I love bittersweet, I love humor (dry comments on the plot), I love personal interactions twisted by supernatural things (Tim does no longer remember Sasha, Sasha remembers Michael Shelley only as a Spiral monster) if you like shipping I like Sasha/Michael and Tim/everyone and you can add a bit of Jon/Martin if they're watching (not totally central though), but gen is very good.

Sasha James/Michael
I was really taken with the idea of the ship after episode 26, and it never stopped. I love Michael being so weird, and creepy, and still he wants to be friends, and maybe part of him remembers he was an archival assistant once? I love how she was never afraid of him, even as we now know how he talked and laughed.
Go wild with the alternate universes where Sasha comes back as a ghost, a Spiral or Stranger monster, or even doesn't die. But of course, human!Sasha going on more not-dates with "tall, blond and monster" is wonderful too.

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