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Shipoween Letter

Hello, writer! I'm glad we share a fandom. I'm excited for this exchange ! Happy Halloween ! :-D

I love adventure with monsters, I love psychological horror, I love dark smut (including noncon, I love noncon) or dark UST, I love horror atmosphere like in classic ghost stories, and in some fandoms spooky crack is very good too.

Horror themes I love: Mind control or any kind of mind alteration (one of my very favorite tropes, gen or shippy), nightmares, black magic, possession, deals with the devil (real or metaphorical), creatures (fairies, ghosts, most fantastic animals...), corruption of heroes / falling from grace, very powerful beings trying to be nice but ending up at best being creepy, at worse hurting people.

Lighter (or not) spooky themes: Supernatural investigation, a character disguised as a monster meets a real monster by accident, human/non-human romance, forced to ally with an enemy against a terrifying threat. I also love the "maybe magic maybe mundane" atmosphere.

Art likes: Spooky black and white (or black and white + one color), tarot cards, art nouveau, a character with their head on the other's lap, background symbolism, hands (holding hands, holding someone, grabbing someone).

DNWs: Character bashing even of unrequited characters, AU except for canon divergence, incest, character death except mentioned otherwise, accidental/Arranged Marriage, de-Aging, gender or sex swaps, trans headcanons except mentioned otherwise, Soulmates/Soul marks, Survival horror, Cheating, sci-fi zombies (I love vodou zombies or fantasy zombies, not contagious ones), pandemias, love at first sight, extreme underage (under 14yo), characters being less resourceful/clever/skilled/cautious than in canon, post-apocalyptic (with just an exception with the Watcher's Crown on TMA, this apocalypse I can and will accept).

Babylon 5

Alfred Bester & Michael Garibaldi
Alfred Bester/Michael Garibaldi
Susan Ivanova/Talia Winters

I love how telepathy works in Babylon 5 so much! I ship Susan/Talia very much, Bester/Garibaldi is more about dark (including dark humor) invasiveness and obsession to me.

Optional prompts:
* Talia partly coming back but her and Control sharing a body.
* More on canon brainwashing of Garibaldi by Bester. How it happened. Theur feelings about it
* Bester and Garibaldi fighting a common (and dangerous) enemy. Maybe Garibaldi forced to submit to Bester's temporary mind control because it would protect them against worse.
* Susan and Talia early show, when they didn't like each other, fighting a common enemy too, but this one can be scary or cracky, even more a terrifying alien custom.

Darker than Black

Amber/Pai (Darker than Black)

I love both characters, I really love how powers and retributions work in this universe!

Optional prompts:
* Any interaction in Brazil when they're being soldiers, really, especially using their powers together or protecting each other
* Same but with Hei in the fic, either for a gen relationship either for poly centered on Amber.
* Amber looks a bit older. She has already used her powers a lot and is actually a lot older. But well, it's not like contractors would care.
* Canon timeline: Amber's love for Hei is reinforced post-Brazil by the fact he has also Pai's soul in him.

Doctor Who

Ninth Doctor/Jack Harkness/Rose Tyler (DW)
Tenth Doctor/The Master (Simm) (DW)
Thirteenth Doctor/Missy (DW)

I love the spirit of Doctor Who adventures, they can meet an alien mimicking a classic earth monster, or fight a cosmic horror.
Though for Doctor/Master psychological horror of a dark relationship is good too, while for Jack/Rose/Nine I love better a healthy relationship with the spooky coming from the outside.

Optional prompts:
* Aliens that look like pumpkins.
* Aliens that look like phone boxes and will eat you if you mistake them for the TARDIS
* One of the characters is possessed (obviously or not), the other react.
* The Doctor and the Master forced to ally against a cosmic horror.
* The Doctor and the Master forced to ally about an alien (shaped like a classic earth monster) that wants to kill specifically one of them, and the other won't let this happen (though they will joke about how one more regeneration would do wonders for their nemesis)

Gunnerkrigg Court

Robot/Shadow (Gunnerkrigg Court)

These two are adorable and I would read anything, it can be in line with the darker themes of the series, it can be just them against a funny monster, or just fluffy relationship definition between different species.

For these characters, I would take any gender headcanons, the "no trans headcanons" is only for supporting cast!

Optional prompts
* Trying to solve a small supernatural mystery without the girls
* Thinking again about their first encounter and how far they've gone
* Fluff, trying to determine how humans do romance and how they will do it differently

Horatio Lyle

Horatio Lyle/Lin Zi

I love them, I love the human/non-human dynamics, the science/magic dynamics, I love the Tseiqin powers and how Horatio has trauma with them.

* Horatio put himself into a quite horrible situation and Lin can help by hypnotizing him. He's going with it but scared all the way.
* Horatio explains one of his science things to Lin. It's not that she doesn't like it, it's that she is... reasonably cautious.
* Horatio is put in a situation where he's the one who can help Lin personally.
* You know, the trope "pretending to be in a relationship until it turns true" works very well for them.

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

Stephen Black/The Gentleman with the Thistledown Hair (JS&MN - Clarke)

I love all the situation with the Gentleman kidnapping Stephen and never caring enough to notice he didn't like it. I love fairy magics!

For this show, love at first sight from the Gentleman to Stephen is okay if it's written as unhealthy obsession.

Optional prompts:
* Stephen has done a lot of things he didn't want to, but the worse thing is when fairy magic gets to his head and he starts to love or want part of it.
* The Gentleman shows Stephen another very creepy fairy tradition or ritual. He fully expects Stephen will like it, of course.
* Post-canon, Stephen still has very vivid dreams and nightmares about the Gentleman. He tries to investigate them, maybe banish them.


Howard McKenzie/Charles Vales | Rizel

I love the idea that Charles had a crush on Howard, and that Rizel knows it because he had all his memories - maybe even it bleeds out through the possession.

Optional prompts:
* Pre-canon Charles and Howard talk about occult, with lots of foreshadowing.
* Give me just more of this canon naked torture, but with more sexualization and feelings.
* Rizel being annoyed about how he caught feelings from his host and being extra nasty to Howard to be sure not to seem to act on them.

The Magnus Archives

Annabelle Cane & Jonathan Sims
Annabelle Cane & Oliver Banks
Gertrude Robinson/Agnes Montague
Gertrude Robinson/Michael
Gertrude Robinson/Michael Shelley
Elias Bouchard/Jonathan Sims
Elias Bouchard/Melanie King
Elias Bouchard/Tim Stoker
Martin Blackwood & Annabelle Cane
Martin Blackwood/Elias Bouchard
Martin Blackwood/Jonathan Sims
Melanie King/Tim Stoker
Sasha James/Michael

What I love most in this series: characters slowly turning into monsters, being a monster as religious devotion, all the mind control (spiders!) and mindfuck (Elias' powers!) potential. And lots of things, really, explore the worldbuilding and what it means for shipping!
I love full Archivist!Jon, Slaughter!Melanie, and I still have a thing for Web!Martin.

For this show, post-apocalypse is okay if it's the Watcher's Crown, character death is okay, trans headcanons are okay.
Specific DNW: I don't want to read about Martin getting over Jon (even Lonely!Martin). Also, I really love Jon being asexual and with basically no sexual experience (it doesn't have to be mentioned in the fic, of course, but it will probably play a role if there's sexual content)
For art, this post with canon descriptions of the characters is always super-useful. I love chubby!Martin, muscular-but-lean!Tim and black!Sasha.

Optional prompts:
* Michael Shelley had a crush on Gertrude and she used it thoroughly. Once he's become a monster, he tries to take revenge on her.
* Annabelle Cane has been mind manipulating Jon and/or Martin for a long time for her personal goals. She reveals it only when it's too late.
* Gertrude and Agnes' soulbond manifests as intrusive thoughts that are painful and creepy for both of them. They also start feeling empathy and fondness for each other because they're going through the same things (or is it an effect of the bond too?)
* Gertrude and Agnes forced to assist each other against a common enemy.
* Sasha has been having romantic or sexual fantasies about the monster she met (and who cut her shoulder, and who saved her). She doesn't like these, except when she does.
* Oliver and Annabelle know each other and have some kind of weird monster friendship.
* Someone (Jon, Melanie, Martin, even Tim in an AU) goes full monster and turns the tables on Elias.
* Tim and Melanie don't know each other very well, but they talk once, about the horror of being forced to work here, about the terrible things Elias has been doing to them.
* Monster!Jon and Lonely!Martin try to make a relation work even if their instincts and needs are no longer human ones.
* Some dark office comedy about a terrible thing in artefact storage would be good for Jon/Martin (including one-sided crush if it's earlier seasons) or Tim/Melanie.

Penny Dreadful

Mina Harker/Vanessa Ives (Penny Dreadful)
Victor Frankenstein/Dr. Henry Jekyll (Penny Dreadful)
Ethan Chandler/Brona Croft | Lily Frankenstein/Dorian Gray

I love how this whole series is both scary and sexy.

For this show, love at first sight is okay if it's written as unhealthy obsession.

Optional prompts:
* Henry finally snaps and violently reveals to Victor he was pining for him.
* Vampire!Mina tries to seduce Vanessa.
* Ethan discovers what happens to the woman he loved and gets caught in a threesome he both wants and doesn't wants.


Gourry Gabriev & Zelgadis Greywords & Lina Inverse & Amelia Wil Tesla Seyruun
Filia Ul Copt/Valgarv
Zelgadis Greywords/Amelia Wil Tesla Seyruun

For this show, I'd like a happy ending and healthy relationships (except for Filia/Valgarv first half of s3, probably). The story can be as well a cracky monster than a cosmic horror!
Please no unrequested pairings except background Gourry/Lina if you want.

Optional prompts
* Lina, Gourry, and Amelia just wanted to eat. An horrible monster disturbs them. They will fight for their food. In the meantime, Zelgadis fights, because well, it's a monster vs his friends, so...
* A monster tries to destroy the gang by using psychic powers and feeding on their insecurities and fears. They still kick its ass.
* Amelia discovers some of the most inhuman physical traits of Zelgadis.
* After confrontation mid s3, Filia has a nightmare about her and Valgarv.

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