Les divagations de Nelja (flo_nelja) wrote,
Les divagations de Nelja


Voilà ma carte de cette année !

Opposite Sides of the Track Courtship rituals (Chance meetings and others, The Magnus Archives, Annabelle/Jane + Oliver) Fempreg: one woman gets another woman pregnant One of the Dispossessed We're all going to die!
Kinks (Knives, blood, and the human body, The Magnus Archives, Helen/Melanie) Trauma (Old, Dead Dreams, The Magnus Archives, Georgie/Alex) Lost and Found (Ashes and Silk, The Magnus Archives, Gertrude/Agnes) Things that go Bump in the Night (Chasseurs de rêves, Originale femslash) Seduction (Fall into the Void with me, The Bifrost Incident, Odin/Loki)
Standing Trial Freestyle AU Wild Card (Lost in you, The Magnus Archives, Helen/Manuela) Exhibitionism Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics (99,6%, Person of Interest, Shaw/Root/The Machine)
Surreality Enemies (Au pays des sortilèges, La Groac'h de l'Île du Lok, Bellah/La Groac'h) Watching Helplessly First person narration Graduation
Knitting and Sewing Late at Night (Les rêves sans sommeil, La Passe-Miroir, Elizabeth/Hélène) Coercion Luxury When I'm 64: Future

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Tags: comm:ladiesbingo

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