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Snowflake challenge - day 2

Day 2

Rec at least three fanworks that you didn’t create. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

I kind of wanted to make a rec list of my favorite The Magnus Archives fics, but it would be too long and I'm already late. So you will have... very specific parts of it.

First category: Short fics about bad endings
I put them together, I love how the can allude so much things in so few words, about everything that can go wrong, everything the characters can lose.

Let Not Thy Right Hand Know (529 words) by celestialbisexual
Melanie King, head of the Magnus Institue, watches the fingers of her hand

bargain (891 words) by hinotorihime
Maybe Jon shouldn't have finally agreed to actually tell his assistants what's going on. Because now, they've taken it on themselves to secure him alliances.

Job Opening (493 words) by Zai42
Melanie gets promoted.

Finale (645 words) by Zai42
Sometimes there are no good choices to make, which suits Jon just fine.

Second category : Sasha comes back fic.
I know that the voice actress had other commitments! Still, I miss her, so here are a few fics where she comes back (it doesn't mean most of them are happy fics ^^)
Lots of these stories (not all of them) have Michael and/or the Distortion because I loved his relationship with Sasha

through warped glass (13826 words) by Aesoleucian
Sasha has been in the labyrinth for… as long as she can remember. Before that, where was she? Somewhere… underground. Looking at… something that… was like this. Another labyrinth. It doesn’t matter now, she supposes. All that matters is that she got in through a door, and a door is the way she’s going to get out. So she keeps walking.

Menagerie (5412 words) by radioqueen
It's Sasha/Michael/Helen and has lots of rape content (but with a hopeful ending)

From Here to the Door (2302 words) by track_04
She has no name and she's in a room she's never seen before; everything that she is and used to be aches, but at least she knows that she's not dead.

Wandering (1477 words) by cacaophany
CASE #0171403
STATEMENT OF: Anonymous,
REGARDING: being Somewhere, lost.
ORIGINAL STATEMENT found 14th March, 2017.

Prepare thyself to live again (1970 words) by Dussek
Michael has surprisingly good advice, for a being whose nature is to lie. Jon is rather in the dark, for a person claimed by Beholding. And Sasha is, despite being Not for a while.

tenses (4334 words) by fairbanks
Sasha is Gertrude's third and final assistant
This one is maybe a little cheating? She comes back, but she left differently and knew different people. Well, it completes nicely my list of Sasha fic.

Oh and on tumblr I also have this list of recs about TMA spiders

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