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Statements of Exchange letter

Hello, person who loves The Magnus Archives! I'm happy you will create something for me!

I love every supernatural aspect of the show, and every reference to the characters' gods/patrons, or to their warped psychology and tenuous link with humanity, will make me squee. I love missing scenes, speculations for the future or canon divergence. I love emotional tension, be it in porn or gen, angst or hope. I love creepy, be it very subtle or full-on. Sexual horror, non-consensual sex or others, is very good.

Do Not Want: AU other than canon divergence, Character bashing, Trans headcanons, Survival horror, Cheating, Post-apocalyptic (with just an exception with the Watcher's Crown, the idea fascinates me). Martin getting over Jon in fics where it applies. I love his crush too much.

* Beholding/Elias Bouchard/Jonathan Sims - FIC or ART - NSFW
* Beholding/Martin Blackwood/Elias Bouchard/Jonathan Sims - FIC or ART - NSFW
* Martin Blackwood/Elias Bouchard/Jonathan Sims - FIC or ART - NSFW
* Martin Blackwood/Elias Bouchard - FIC - NSFW
* Beholding/Jonathan Sims/Martin Blackwood - FIC or ART - SFW / NSFW

Putting the Beholding team in a nice porny pile!

Seriously, if I didn't ask for Elias/Jon and Martin/Jon, it's not because I don't adore these ships, it's because I wanted an opportunity to read weirder combinations. But in my head, Martin always has a crush on Jon, and Elias... well, wants Jon in a few different ways. They could share, and hate it, they could use each other as replacements because Jon is frustratingly ace and oblivious, it would be twisted and wrong.
I love sex for religious reasons. A lot. I don't know if it's what's going in these Beholding requests, but it's good, as is straight-up possession or subtle personality warp, as is worship of a god though its avatar(s). Submission play is so good for this one.
Could be during season 3 if you can make it work, or in a quite alternate future.
Oh, and now that I have listened to season 3 finale... Elias invading Jon's dreams and offering him reprieve by fucking him under the Eye, works so well. The Eye giving Martin sudden bursts of knowledge about what could help Jon coming back (like, reading statements by his bed), and Martin knowing exactly where it comes from and the risks of it, but still doing it, because he cares for Jon that much and he believes his monstruous god does too. 

* Beholding/Martin Blackwood - FIC - SFW

OK, this one is not for the porn. But I love Martin literally talking into the tape recorders like he was talking to a person, complaining, telling about his problems, and in general being himself rather than being professional. I love Martin seemingly acquiring Beholding powers quite fast after starting reading statements (the "I'm sure Jon is alive" thing), and he doesn't even seem to mind serving an Eldritch god of knowledge (Elias bothers him more). Also, I love the idea of Beholding!monster Martin, there are a lot of possibilities. I think the Beholding likes him and can forgive him a few burnt statements.
For example, Martin becoming conscious of the existence of this God and being okay with serving It would make a nice fic. We never knew how he learnt about it. But if you have another idea, go for it!

* Sasha James/Michael - FIC or ART - SFW / NSFW

I fell a bit for Sasha/Michael after episode 26 (the "wanting to be friends", the "tall, blonde and monster", the date in a graveyard, the cutting her to save her life), and was sorry it never went anywhere. When Jon mentioned "your Michael", it was no longer to the real Sasha.
I just want more interaction, be it just subtext-y like in canon or fully shippy. It can follow canon with just a few weird spiral-ey dreams, but I also like the idea of Sasha coming back (not fully human, though), and Michael being one of the few people who remember her face, the others being Melanie and not!Sasha.
(If you go for art, Sasha is black in my headcanon, in addition to the "tall with long hair" mentioned in canon. Michael is described enough, but I see his hait curly enough to make some tiny spirals)

* Helen Richardson/Michael - FIC - SFW / NSFW

OK, she was in the corridors for months. And it was horrible. We had a glimpse of it "this poor woman", but not more.
What if Michael went to talk to her sometimes, and she was so desperate and turning mad that she even accepted the conversation, rather than just travelling infinite corridors again. Foreshadowing about what will happen is nice, and Michael will always be creepy, on any step of the politely open to sadistic monster scale he could be in this day.

* Gertrude Robinson/Michael Shelley - FIC - SFW / NSFW
* Gertrude Robinson & Michael - FIC - SFW
* Gertrude Robinson & Michael Shelley - FIC - SFW

Episode 101 is my favorite, for multiple reasons. One of them is Gertrude being incredibly manipulative with poor Michael Shelley, and the ambiguity of how Distortion!Michael feels about it, since she hurt it too, but he's not Michael Shelley, but he kind of is.
So, small scenes with Gertrude knowingly playing with Michael's Shelley's feelings are good. If there's some uneasy UST, it's good too, be it Michael Shelley having a weird innocent crush or Gertrude being somehow predatory.
Of course Michael dealing with its new nature and discovering he can't have an explanation with her since she's protected (or can he? can she see him, even if he can't hurt her) is excellent too, don't hesitate to mix the possibilities.
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