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Nonconathon 2018

Hey ! J'ai participé à un échange AO3 de fics non-con.
Voilà mes fics, et voilà certaines de mes préférées ! Sous le cut parce que bien sûr, mention de viol tout le long.
(Spoilers par implication sur The Magnus Archives dans les recs)

The ones I've written (all explicit and with rape, of course)

Old Lies and New Lies (2908 words) by Nelja-in-English
Fandom: Gravity Falls
Relationships/Characters: Bill Cipher/The Author | Original Stanford Pines
Additional Tags: Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot, Dreams and Nightmares, Lucid Dreaming, Triangle Bill Cipher, Orgasm Denial, Past Relationship(s), Begging, Humiliation, The Portal (Gravity Falls), Pre-metal plate
Summary: Ford is fleeing from Bill, dimension after dimension. But Bill found him. Only in his dreams, for now.

Burning Alike (1272 words) by Nelja-in-English
Fandom: Lady of the Shard (Webcomic)
Relationships/Characters: Old God/Radiant Goddess (Lady of the Shard)
Additional Tags: Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot, Mind Manipulation, Non-Consensual Body Modification, Mass Death, Deities, Nonconathon Treat
Summary: The Old God visits the Fallen Goddess, just after the destruction of another star.

Corrupted (1476 words) by Nelja-in-English
Fandom: Steven Universe (Cartoon)
Relationships/Characters: Jasper/Lapis Lazuli (Steven Universe)
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Captivity, Humiliation, Dom/sub
Summary: Lapis can help healing Jasper's corruption. Of course, she has secret motives and secret ways to do it.

Spin their webs in the depth of our brains (4117 words) by Nelja-in-English
Fandom: The Magnus Archives (Podcast)
Relationships/Characters: Martin Blackwood/Jonathan Sims, Mr Spider
Additional Tags: Mind Control, Spiders, Guilt, Web!Martin, Dreams, Oral Sex, Stalking, Nonconathon Treat, Do Not Archive, One-Sided Attraction
Summary: The Web has an offer for Martin.

The ones written for me! They're good!

Traitor's Punishment (1980 words) by anysin
Fandom: Gravity Falls
Relationships/Characters: Bill Cipher/Ford Pines
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Portal Years, Captivity, Bondage, Tentacle Sex, Triangle Bill Cipher, Choking, Xeno, mild body horror
Summary: In the multiverse, Bill captures Ford ten years after Ford comes through the portal. Then it's punishment time.

nix the new age morality (1537 words) by ConvenientAlias
Fandom: Lady of the Shard (Webcomic)
Relationships/Characters: Acolyte/Radiant Goddess (Lady of the Shard)
Additional Tags: Mind Control, Xeno
Summary: “You should not be here. The Old God will be angry. She will hurt you.”
The acolyte’s eyes widened. “Oh dear. Um, there must be a misunderstanding. No, the Old God sent me here. To see to you.”

The other ones I loved! (lots of them are for The Magnus Archives, because 1) it's my current fandom, and 2) it was big in this exchange)

Beneath the Sakura (3120 words) by Rose Argent
Fandom: Tokyo Babylon, X -エックス- | X/1999
Relationships/Characters: Sakurazuka Seishirou/Sumeragi Subaru
Additional Tags: Memory Alteration, Sakura (Cherry Blossoms), Tree Sex, Blood Magic, Unwilling Arousal, Non-Consensual, Bondage, Angst
Summary: Subaru believed he didn't meet Seishiro again until 1999, but there were encounters beneath the cherry tree long before then, encounters that Subaru cannot remember.
I love what they did with the memory alteration, how it makes the whole thing even more angsty at the end (because with this ship we're here for massive angst). Also, love the different ways to use magic for kink.

Le génie du mal (9776 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Original Work
Relationships/Characters: Statue of the Devil/Innocent Priest Seduced by Its Beauty
Additional Tags: Sacrilege, Blood As Lube, holy water as lube, Improper Use of Catholic Rituals, Improper Use of a Rosary, Mentions of religion, Large Cock, Anal Gaping, Magical Curse Whose Effects Become Worse Each Time Victim Orgasms, Character Wishes for Death, Corruption, Priest Kink, Loss of Virginity, Victim Blaming, Forced Orgasm, Ritual Public Sex, Mass Rape (towards the end)
Summary: A young priest, Mathieu only wishes to spread the beauty of the Church. When he discovers an impossibly sublime sculpture of the devil in an old storeroom, he is entranced. But beauty and evil are not opposites, as he discovers, and each can be equally seductive...
There was a wonderful religious kink prompt about a priest and a statue of the devil. there were three fics for it, all good, but this one is the longer and my favorite. It's so erotic, and I love how progressive is the main character's corruption.

Turn the Key Until It Breaks (2859 words) by winternacht
Fandom: The Magnus Archives (Podcast)
Relationships/Characters: Martin Blackwood/Elias Bouchard, Elias Bouchard/Jonathan Sims, Martin Blackwood/Jonathan Sims
Additional Tags: Do Not Archive, Nonconathon Treat, Voyeurism, Manipulation, Blackmail, Desk Sex, Pining, Unwilling Arousal, Rapist Uses Victim As Substitute For Someone Else
Summary: There is one thing Elias and Martin have in common.
Starts with Elias almost seducing Martin, using his extremem loneliness, then applying more and more pression... and it's all about Jon, all the way, for them both. I really adore all the twisted feelings here.

Devotion (2532 words) by TwistedSquid
Fandom: The Magnus Archives (Podcast)
Relationships/Characters: Martin Blackwood/Elias Bouchard, Jonathan Sims
Additional Tags: Unrequited Martin Blackwood/Jonathan Sims, Unrequited Elias Bouchard/Jonathan Sims, Victim accidentally signs away their right to say no, Rapist Uses Victim As Substitute For Someone Else, Non-Consensual Voyeurism, Desk Sex, Anal Fingering, Forced Masturbation, Overstimulation, Crying, Manipulation, Do Not Archive, Nonconathon Treat
Summary: Martin will do anything for Jon.
And another Elias/Martin for the same prompt. Martin breaks my heart always.

Performance Management (3248 words) by gamera
Fandom: The Magnus Archives (Podcast)
Relationships/Characters: Elias Bouchard/Tim Stoker
Additional Tags: Humiliation, Rape as discipline, Asphyxiation, Strangulation, Mindfuck, Mind Control Elements, background OMC/OMC within a statement, unwanted arousal, Non-Consensual Voyeurism, Comeplay, Do Not Archive, Sexy Cosmic Horror, Abuse of Beholding Powers
Summary: "Allowing you to run amok has proven a mistake, one I intend to rectify by giving you something to occupy your time." Elias' look goes far beyond a prickling on the back of his neck. Now it's the hideous, oppressive feeling of knowing he shouldn't be overseas, the strangling of the leash dragging him back to London and into this fucking mausoleum. Because that's what it is: people dying here, probably being interred in Artifact Storage when there's a body at all.
I love so much the kink of Elias making Tim read statements with sexual content. And the dynamics is excellent overall.

Pacta Sunt Servanda (4045 words) by winternacht
Fandom: The Magnus Archives (Podcast)
Relationships/Characters: Elias Bouchard/Jonathan Sims/Peter Lukas, Elias Bouchard/Peter Lukas, Elias Bouchard/Jonathan Sims
Additional Tags: Do Not Archive, Repaying Debt, Spitroasting, Forced Eye Contact, Coercion, Nonconathon Treat, Desk Sex, Humiliation, Requiring sex as payment for rescue, Raping One Character for the Effects on Another Character
Summary: A deal is a deal. Jon's safety has a price.
You know what, Elias seems less evil when Peter Lukas is in the same room. Here again, the dynamics are wonderfully twisted (I love this authoir so much). And the ending made me squee.

Freelancer (2017 words) by TwistedSquid
Fandom: The Magnus Archives (Podcast)
Relationships/Characters: Elias Bouchard/Gerard Keay
Additional Tags: Victim underestimates rapist, Victim Visibly Disheveled After Rape, Defiant Victim, Coming In Pants, Coming Untouched, Non-Consensual Blow Jobs, Partial Mind Control, Do Not Archive, Forced Orgasm, Nonconathon Treat
Summary: Elias teaches Gerard a lesson about the true power of Beholding.
And yaaaay, all my favorite fics for tma for this round are about Elias being an asshole so someone. For this one it's just that I love so much what the author did with Gerard'd tattoos. So much my kink. Don't confront a high priest with tattoos of his god all over your body.

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