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Once Upon a Fic Letter

Dear Once_Upon_Fic Writer,

I'm glad we have fairy tales and myths in common! I'm sure you will write an awesome story! I signed as Nelja-in-English, Nelja is my usual pseud.

What I like: Worldbuilding, characters being clever and witty, foreshadowing, weird surrealist crack that makes sense, dreams or illusion themes, characters knowing and understanding each other well, unreliable narrators, ethical dilemmas.

What I prefer not to read: Mundane AUs, cheating, humor based on misunderstandings or incompetence, post-canon/AU with a sad ending when the canon has a happy one.

Dynd-Kongens Datter | The Marsh King's Daughter - Hans Christian Andersen
Link: https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Hans_Andersen%27s_fairy_tales_(Robinson)/The_Marsh_King%27s_Daughter
Characters : Helga

I love very much Helga's weird condition at the beginning of the tale, and I would be really interested in a fic exploring this duality. Does she have two sets of memories, or does she remember at days what her nights are like, and vice versa? How does she feel about it? If she doesn't remember, what does day!Helga think when other people talk about their dreams or their nights, and what does night!Helga know about the world?
Pure introspection is good, daily life scenes with her parents or the storks are good too! Dark themes are okay, but no bashing, and please don't kill any animal in the fic, especially not baby storks.

Gold-Tree and Silver-Tree (Fairy Tale)
Link: http://www.surlalunefairytales.com/authors/jacobs/celtic/goldtree.html
Characters : The Prince's second Wife

The second wive gives me a detective feeling. I'd like to see her investigate and solve some mystery. It can be some backstory, even childhood. It can be post-canon, with the help of the Prince and Gold-Tree (I ship them very much as a triad, with Gold-Tree/second wives feelings as well as the two official marriages).
Supernatural mystery or political one or very down-to-earth one, anything is good for me! Crossovers with other Celtic fairy tales are very good too.

Lokasenna (Norse Religion and Lore)
Link: http://www.sacred-texts.com/neu/poe/poe10.htm
Characters : Odin, Loki

I've always been intrigued by all the backstory between Loki and Odin alluded to in the text. There are a lot of details that could be expanded to give a full story.

"Remember, Othin, | in olden days
That we both our blood have mixed;
Then didst thou promise | no ale to pour,
Unless it were brought for us both."


Winters eight | wast thou under the earth,
Milking the cows as a maid,
(Ay, and babes didst thou bear;
Unmanly thy soul must seem.)"


"They say that with spells | in Samsey once
Like witches with charms didst thou work;
And in witch's guise | among men didst thou go;
Unmanly thy soul must seem."

I'd be up for an exploration of any of these stories! I like Odin and Loki as snarky friends, or as bitter ex-friends, and I like to read them as a ship too. I think humor suits their past well, even if it can of course be mixed with more serious themes.

Pele's Long Sleep (Hawaiian Legends of Volcanoes - W. D. Westerveld)
Link: http://www.sacred-texts.com/pac/hlov/hlov16.htm
Characters : Hi'iaka

Actually, the chapters 11 to 17 are a whole epic, and it's what I wanted to nominate, so I went with the beginning, but feel free to read the whole thing!

I love the sisterly relationship between Pele and Hi'iaka. How Pele saved Hi'iaka when she was just an egg, how Hi'iaka became her favorite sister, so backstory would be good. But I love also the tragedy of Pele hurting Hi'iaka and Hi'iaka not forgiving her because she went so far. Or maybe she did, years later? I just would rather like the story not being too centered on Hi'iaka/Lohiau, I don't like this ship.

My other favorite relationship is the one between Hi'iaka and Hopoe, whom I ship hard. I would read anything for this ship, fluffy romance at the beginning, angst, any point of view.

But if these characters intereste you less, just Hi'iaka being badass and fighting monsters and saving people, alone or with her friends, is very good too! Maybe an outsider PoV?

Sedna the Sea Goddess (Inuit Religion and Lore)
Link: http://www.polarlife.ca/traditional/myth/sedna.htm
Characters : Sedna

This story and its universe fascinate me, and I'd like to see some exploration of it.
Why did Sedna become a goddess, where does the power came from? Her feelings, the sea, the bird, blood sacrifice, just chance? How did it feel at first, all this power?
Did the father come out of the storm alive? Did he beg his daughter for mercy himself?
Did the bird spirit ever seek for Sedna again? How did she receive him?

Sneedronningen | The Snow Queen - Hans Christian Andersen
Link: http://www.andersen.sdu.dk/vaerk/hersholt/TheSnowQueen_e.html
Characters : The Robber Girl

All I want here is the Robber Girl to have a huge crush on Gerda.
It can be conscious or not, it can be while she has her as a prisoner, when she decides to let her go, when she decides to leave her parents, or later when she sees her again.
It can be them going together in an adventure, post-canon, or in an AU where Gerda was caught by the Snow Queen and the Robber Girl comes to her rescue.
I'd love no bad ending, bittersweet endings are fine. I'm not very much for breaking the Gerda/Kay or for cheating, but I'm totally open to polyamory (and Kay doesn't have to be in the fic in person either).

Смерть Кощея Бессмертного | The Death of Koschei the Deathless (Fairy Tale)
Link: http://www.surlalunefairytales.com/babayaga/tales/koshcheideathless.html
Characters : Baba Yaga, Koschei

What I'd like to read for this tale is past interaction between Baba Yaga and Koschei. It can be the obvious, how he got his horse. But literally anything would delight me. They could be friends, mortal enemies, or anything in between, ex-lovers if you like the idea, trading magical recipes, whatever you want!
Il you offered only one of the characters, their separate backstories have wonderful possibilities too! How Koschei hid his heart. How Baba Yaga got her horses.

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