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Les divagations de Nelja

Writing meme for the year

Do you have a word-count goal for 2018?
Only a fic-count goal, aiming for 42.

Will you participate in any fandom exchanges or fic challenges, etc.?
I will do [community profile] once_upon_fic for the first time this year. obscur_echange like all years, maybe another round of mini_reecriture. Also, I have a [community profile] ladiesbingo card to finish and I'll probably take one more next year.

Do you anticipate writing for a new fandom in 2018? Which one?
I have a fic planned for Michiko e Hatchin as least. I almost always write some new fandoms in a year, but I can't plan them all. :-)

Do you think you’ll stop writing for a fandom in 2018? Which one?
I don't know if i'll still be writing some Marvel. It depends. 

Which WIP is first on your list to complete this year? Will you post a snippet?
I'd really like to finish this Antigone fic for ladiesbingo before the end of the month, but I have written too little to give a snippet.

Which yet-to-be-started fic is first on your list?
Something for [community profile] ladiesbingo
Will you change anything about the way you interact with other writers?
I don't think so.

Is there a story idea in your mental vault that you’ve never been brave enough to try writing? Is 2018 the year?
I really don't think this year is the year. There are a few, especially in origfic.

Short term goals… what do you hope to complete this week or in January?
This Antigone fic I was talking again. Also, I'll post a chapter of Desperate Measures if it comes back from betareading. 

Will you keep a record of all the fics you write and/or post this year?
I have a post specially for this,  not yet public. I need to update my master list regularly too.

Would you like to try any new fanfic genres or tropes in 2018?
I have planned nothing, but I love the abstract concept. 

Will you change anything about the way you edit or rewrite in 2018?
I will write more in English (signed for an English exchange for the first time) so I will need more betas.

Aside from fanfic, are there any other fan works you’d like to try creating? Fanart, or fanvids, gifsets, or podfic?
I'd like to do a fanmix once! But in general, no. 

Have you ever lost large chunks of your work in the past, due to not backing up your work? Will you change your methods in 2018?
I have lost small bits in the past, never large ones, I was lucky.

Do you foresee any personal or professional obstacles in 2018, that would keep you from creating fanworks?
I don't think so. *fingers crossed*

Do you have that one fanfic that you wrote a ton for, ages ago, but never posted? Will this be the year, come hell or high water, that it WILL get finished and posted?
Not really. Origfics, yes! And it won't be the year, I fear.

Do you typically answer all comments/reviews individually? Do you plan to change the way you interact with your readers this year?
Yes, I always reply, and it won't change!

Do you typically post multi-chapters as you write, or finish it all and then start posting? Would you like to change your posting method?
As I'm writing. I just want the feedback so much. ^^;; 

Would you consider non-fandom writing events, like NaNoWriMo or writing contests?
I will try to do the NaNo but I honestly can't promise anything.

Any plans to work on original fiction this year?
Nothing sure. I have a lot of original fics i'd like to write on, but it seems either I'm bad at it, either my standards for length and quality are higher than for fanfiction, because I can't finish them, i'm never satisfied, etc.  Cette entrée a été crosspostée au https://flo-nelja.dreamwidth.org/612435.html. Commentez où vous voulez.
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