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Snowflake challenge - day 3

In your own space, post recs for at least three fanworks that you did not create. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

I have already done two rec lists this year on DW, this one about my favorite Yuletide fics and this one for the review week. So today I will rec only my favorite fics of the year that weren't on these lists! (I may have already recced them on other sites)


[Hamlet + Faust] How Luther Laughed at the Devil (1008 words) by Gileonnen
When a Wittenberg mathematics professor is possessed by a demon, there's only one man to whom Prince Hamlet can turn: the demonologist Doktor Faustus.
This is one of the funnier fics I ever read. They're all so matter-of-fact about the subject! And I love how it mocks math teachers (I'm one). The only flaw of this fic is that it's too short.

[Princess Tutu + Utena + Puella Magi Madoka Magica + SailorMoon] The Seas Between Worlds (3232 words) by thatzodiacsky
As the duck dreams, she dances with strangers. A fairy tale for those past happy endings.
It works with all the verses, really, it's oniric, well-characterized melancholic at first, and so satisfying and happy at the end!

Darker than Black

Into the Dark Night (90247 words) by tsuki-llama
When the true stars disappear from the night sky, falsity breeds in the dark and trust is a thing of the past. The lives of two young children in China are forever changed when humanity is stripped away from them. And for a barmaid in London, time flies but leaves its shadow behind.
It's backstory for Amber, Pai and hei, on ffnet, and it's perfect. I love how it's shown, their life before, then losing their feelings, Hei's decision...

Doctor Who

The Master's Faithful Companion (Forever or Just a Day Remix) (1592 words) by navaan
Missy didn't plan to come to this moment in time, but she's reminded that she'd had her own puppy once.
I really love the characterisation of Missy here, who's hard to write with all her funny side and cruel side and complex side, and Lucy is quite fleshed out too. And the timey-wimey stuff!

Dom Camillo

Between the Mountain and the Plains (34233 words) by Belphegor
We only ever get hints in the books and films of what Don Camillo's and Peppone's clandestine activities were during the German occupation. Here's my take on the idea.
I really wanted to read one fic on the subject, tbh, but this one was really good and made me cry a bit. Also, perfect historical research.

Gravity Falls

The Bottomless Pit (1999 words) by FreightTrainFrank
After Weirdmageddon, Mabel wants some alone time.
I really love how the consequences of Weirdmageddon are written for Mabel here, she gets to grieve without stopping to be herself, and i love her friendship with Wendy.

Read or Die

Recommended Reading (2382 words) by Thia
Of course she remembers people by what books they read (or sometimes the books they write). But it's more complicated than just that.
I love this character exploration. Yomiko is obsessed by books, but it's more than that. (Of course I love the Yomiko/Nancy too)


Not By the Hand of Man (6911 words) by Sath
After his chief priestess is assassinated, Sauron summons his most powerful servant, a woman of Far Harad, to Númenor.
I love femslash I love FoeYay, I love development of the Tolkien universe especially the Haradrim civilization, and of course everyone loves powerful writing.

Steven Universe

Borders And Horizon Lines (3643 words) by TheBlindBandit
A series of ten interconnected ficlets dealing with various facets of the relationship between Pearl and Rose Quartz through the centuries, inspired by the bridge of It's Over.
It's what I want to read while waiting for the canon to give it to us, backstory about the Gem revolt! I really love Pearl's characterisation in this one. Of course, she's really in love with Pearl, but she has a lot of other dimensions, trying to define herself, resentment against Homeworld... very good character study and backstory in ten short scenes.

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