Les divagations de Nelja (flo_nelja) wrote,
Les divagations de Nelja

Un mème à contes de fées

Give me a number and I’ll tell you:

1. Favorite fairy tale of all times and why
2. Top 10 favorite fairy tales
3. Favorite Protagonist
4. Favorite Love Interest
5. Favorite Antagonist
6. Favorite Adjuvant
7. Favorite Writer
8. Favorite Illustrator
9. Favorite Fairy Tale Book
10. Funniest tale
11. Saddest tale
12. Most heartwarming tale
13. Most frightening tale
14. Favorite lesser known tale
15. Favorite lesser known version of a classic tale
16. Favorite non-occidental tale or non-occidental version
17. Fairy tale which should have another ending
18. Fairy tale ship
19. Favorite retelling
20. Favorite retelling of [insert a classic tale here]

(Si vous voulez une traduction française dites-moi)

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Tags: meme:fandom

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