Les divagations de Nelja (flo_nelja) wrote,
Les divagations de Nelja

Mème en 30 questions - OuaT

Normalement c'est une par jour, mais comme je vais partir en vacances je vais plutôt me mettre en mode donnez-moi autant de nombres que vous voulez, et je répondrai, sur Once upon a Time !

1) Favorite Male Character
2) Favorite Female Character
3) Less Favorite Male Character
4) Less Favorite Female Character
5) Favorite Villain
6) Favorite Scene
7) Favorite Kiss
8) Favorite Ship(s)
9) Favorite Friendship
10) Favorite Relationship
11) Funniest Moment
12) Saddest Moment
13) Favorite Episode
14) Favorite Quote
15) Favorite Backstory
16) Favorite Unexpected Moment
17) Favorite Outfit
18) Favorite Hair
19) Favorite Romantic Moment
20) Favorite Action/Intense Moment
21) Most Heartfelt Moment
22) Favorite Fairytale
23) Favorite Name
24) Best Dress
25) Any Prop You Could Take from the Set
26) Bravest Character
27) Cutest Character
28) Funniest Character
29) Favorite Location
30) Something You Want to See That Hasn't Been Revealed Yet

Bonus pris d'une autre version
31) Enchanted Forest or StoryBrooke? Or one of the other realms?
32) A Character you would want to see more of
33) Do you want the Evil Queen to get her happy ending? Why?
34) Your favorite episode from season [give a number]
35) If you could be anyone in she show, who would you be?
36) What got you interested in Once upon a Time?

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