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Meme: Ten Fics That Stayed With You

Un mème pris à [personal profile] selenak. Les fics sont mises dans un ordre approximatif de lecture.

In a new post, list ten fic that have stayed with you in some way. Don’t take but a few minutes, and don’t think too hard — they don’t have to be the “right” works, or even all the same pairing or fandom, just the fics that have touched you or that stuck with you somehow.

1) Ode to Joy by Leareth; First fic Kaworu/Shinji I read from the PoV of Kaworu, re-reading it's not even thet well written but it makes me feel the character and his choices.

2) Promesses par Enclume, mais aussi une bonne part des autres fics qu'elle a écrites, Pâte à modeler et De sucre et Tempus et Le phare. Les images mentales des personnages d'Harry Potter perdant peu à peu pied, ne sachant plus la différence entre le monde réel et les illusions que la magie peut offrir, m'ont marquée durablement. J'ai énormément regretté quand elle a cessé d'écrire.

3) Trio: The Musical by Selena and Andraste. The three evil Buffy geeks during the musical episode. Perfect caracterisation, perfect fun, and fills a plot hole to boot.

4) History teaches: Parched, Ex et Half by C. Elisa. An old X-men movieverse fic, with Storm/Rogue and Xavier/Magneto, set after the first movie. I already read X-men fics that beautifully sad, and X-men fics that hot, but not BOTH.

5) A word and a kiss by Miss Kitty. Luthien Thuringwethil ; I think it's the fic which taught me that even if I didn't feel the pairing at all in canon, the fic could be wonderful and with strong feelings anyway.

6) Un trèfle qui se fane par Malurette. Je n'aurais pas cru que la beauté poétique de Clover, qui tient en grande partie aux dessins et aux découpages, pourrait passer en fic, mais oui. Et cela donne une fin à l'arc le plus frustant laissé en plan dans le manga.

7) Doctor Who season 4 by Aria. A virtual season Doctor/Master, with slow progression of feelings, an happy ending, good characterisation, and the structure I love so much in the first season of New Who when all the episodes don't seem related at all but become all important in the Grand Finale.

8) Spinning Fate by Selena. The story of how Arachne took her revenge from the Gods. It's striking, with real world parallels and implications that I adore. Also, Prometheus is in it.

9) As I would not be a slave by Tenlittlebullets. The Enjolras/Grantaire PWP fic I didn't know I wanted to read - I didn't know I wanted to read any PWP about them - but it's one of the hottest fics I read, and the author makes it work!

10) Princess Tutu: Chapter of the Bird by Tomoyo Ichijouji. The only unfinished fic I'll post here, but I have high hopes it will be finished one day. It's the third season of Princess Tutu I always wanted to read, the plot, the caracterisation are perfect and the OC are awesome.

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