Les divagations de Nelja (flo_nelja) wrote,
Les divagations de Nelja

Un mème pris sur tumblr - un de plus

Posez-moi autant de questions que vous le voulez, et j'y répondrai !

1. who's your favorite oc?
2. who was your first oc?
3. how many ocs do you have?
4. have you kept all of your ocs since the beginning?
5. are any of your ocs based off of a show/book you like? if so, who?
6. what is the species of the majority of your ocs?
7. are any of your ocs an original species? if so, what's the species and who?
8. if you can, draw (oc name)!
9. write a few sentences as (oc name)!
10. are any of your ocs part of a story? if so, what is it about and who's in it?
11. do you have any twin ocs?
12. are any of your ocs siblings?
13. what is the gender of the majority of your ocs?
14. make up a new oc right now based on (concept/show/color/etc.)!
15. would you ever give up any of your ocs?
16. who is your oldest oc (age-wise)?
17. have you ever roleplayed as your ocs?
18. how many of your ocs were adopted from someone else?
19. who is your least favorite oc?
20. which oc do you think has changed the most since you made them?
21. who is your newest oc? optional- doodle them to show!
22. have you ever cosplayed your own ocs? if so, who?
23. which oc do you think has affected you the most as youve grown with them?
24. have you gotten cosplayers of your ocs? if so, of whom?
25. do you have any ocs that you havent drawn/written as/talked about in a long time? if so, who?

Si vous voulez, je peux traduire le mème en français, aussi.

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Tags: meme:écriture

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