Les divagations de Nelja (flo_nelja) wrote,
Les divagations de Nelja

Un mème pris à [personal profile] salinea

Donnez-moi une ou plusieurs lettres, et je répondrai à la question qui correspond. (Si quelqu'un a besoin d'une traduction en français, dites-moi)

A. Favorite female leader/ruler/royalty
B. Favorite female warrior
C. Favorite female magic user

D. Favorite female doctor
E. Favorite female crime solver
F. Favorite female villain
G. Favorite teenage girl
H. Favorite younger girl
I. Favorite lady friendship
J. Favorite lady-centric show/movie/book
K. Favorite mother/daughter relationship
L. Favorite ladies who parallel each other
M. Favorite ladies who are also nemeses

N. Favorite secondary lady character
O. Favorite underrated lady character
P. Favorite nonhuman lady character
Q. A lady you root for when no one else does
R. A lady you’d want to be your best friend
S. A lady you’d want to be your sister
T. A lady you’d want to be your mentor/teacher/guide
U. A lady you want to remove from her world and place into another fandom

V. Favorite lady ship
W. Favorite lady ship, crossover edition
X. A genderswap you wish you could see
Y. Your dream alternate universe matriarchy

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Tags: meme:fandom

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