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Mème des pairings, jour 27

En arrivant vers la fin, je commence à sentir que le "ne citer qu'une seule fois chaque fandom" est limitant. ^^

27. The pairing you think is most adorable
Simon/Kaylee dans Firefly
Et en fait, je n'ai pas d'explication à part "ils sont juste trop mignons" ^^;;

Autres choix : Willow/Oz (Buffy), Hiro/Charlie (Heroes)

01. Favorite het pairing : Kenshin/Tomoe (Rurôni Kenshin)
02. Favorite yaoi pairing : Kaoru/Shinji (Evangelion)
03. Favorite yuri pairing : Sôma/Kendappa-ô (Rg Veda)
04. Favorite sibling relationship : Ed et Al (Fullmetal Alchemist)
05. Favorite friendship : Lelouch et Suzaku (Code Geass)
06. Favorite parent-child relationship : Klaus et Gilgamesh (Girl Genius)
07. Favorite rivals relationship : L et Light (Death Note)
08. Favorite partners in crime : [Spoilers] Odin et Loki (American Gods)
09. Favorite family unit : Reed, Sue, Johnny, Ben, Franklin, Valeria (Fantastic Four)
10. Least favorite pairing : Ishigami/Misao (Kamikaze)
11. An "OT3" or threesome : Jack/Rose/Nine (Doctor Who)
12. Favorite person and animal duo : Aang et Appa (Avatar the Last Airbender)
13. Your first pairing : Electra/Nemo (Nadia)
14. Your most recent pairing : Celty/Shinra ou Shizuo/Izaya (Durarara!!)
15. Favorite non-canon pairing : Gin/Kira (Bleach)
16. Favorite canon pairing : Yukino/Soichirô (KareKano)
17. Favorite battle couple : Cable/Deadpool (Cable & Deadpool)
18. Favorite "nakama"/group of friends : Lina, Gourry, Zelgadis, Amelia, etc... (Slayers)
19. Favorite band of villains : Team Rocket (Pokemon)
20. A pairing you like, but don't like what canon did/is doing with them : Sylar/Mohinder (Heroes)
21. A pairing you think gets too little attention : Doug/Warlock (New Mutants)
22. A pairing a lot of people ship but you don't : Toutes combinaisons de Harry, Hermione, Draco, Snape (Harry Potter)
23. An unpopular pairing that you like : Mac/Cassidy (Veronica Mars)
24. A pairing you think are actually together behind-the-scenes but it's not confirmed in canon : Warren/Andrew (Buffy)
25. A pairing you have grown to like but didn't at first : Amber/Wilson (House MD)
26. Favorite childhood pairing : Haku/Chihiro (Le voyage de Chihiro)
28. A pairing people would be surprised you like
29. Your favorite of all the relationships you've posted so far
30. Free choice
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