September 13th, 2021

Nocker II

Shipping meme, day 29

29. Favourite crossover ship

I'm rarely invested in crossover ships, since usually I start to ship based on interactions.

But I found one! It's a bit of a cheating since they come from the same universe initially, but I like the idea of X-men movieverse Mystique/Avengers movieverse Black Widow.

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Nocker II

Pumpkin Autumn Challenge : Légendes de la garde (David Petersen)

Catégorie : It's just a bunch of Hocus Pocus (Halloween/ Samhain/ Automne)

En anglais The Mouse Guard. C'est une série plus longue, mais seul le premier tome a pour sous-titre Autumn 1152.

Au cas où vous vous demandez, le dessin est exactement aussi joli à l'intérieur.

L'auteur a tout un worldbuilding avec des petites souris qui vivent dans des villes cachées pour se protéger des prédateurs, et la Garde qui les protège toutes, grâce à la force de leur principes et un entraînement intense.

Le worldbuilding est très sympa. L'histoire, elle, est assez bateau, avec un traitre qui doit être démasqué, mais on est moins là pour ça que pour les adorables petites souris badass.

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Nocker II

Trick or Treat Exchange Letter (WIP)

Hello, writer! I'm glad we share a fandom. I'm excited for this exchange ! Happy Halloween ! :-D

I love adventure with monsters, I love psychological horror, I love dark smut (including noncon, I love noncon) or dark UST, I love horror atmosphere like in classic ghost stories, and in some fandoms spooky crack is very good too.

Horror themes I love: Mind control or any kind of mind alteration (one of my very favorite tropes, gen or shippy), nightmares, black magic, possession, deals with the devil (real or metaphorical), creatures (fairies, ghosts, most fantastic animals...), corruption of heroes / falling from grace, very powerful beings trying to be nice but ending up at best being creepy, at worse hurting people.

Lighter (or not) spooky themes: Supernatural investigation, a character disguised as a monster meets a real monster by accident, human/non-human romance, forced to ally with an enemy against a terrifying threat. I also love the "maybe magic maybe mundane" atmosphere.

Art likes: Spooky black and white (or black and white + one color), tarot cards, art nouveau, a character with their head on the other's lap, background symbolism, hands (holding hands, holding someone, grabbing someone).

DNWs: Character bashing even of unrequited characters, AU except for canon divergence, non-canon incest, character death except mentioned otherwise, accidental/arranged Marriage, de-aging, gender or sex swaps, trans headcanons except mentioned otherwise, soulmates/soul marks, survival horror, Cheating, sci-fi zombies (I love vodou zombies or fantasy zombies, not contagious ones), pandemics, love at first sight, extreme underage (under 14yo), characters being less resourceful/clever/skilled/cautious than in canon, post-apocalyptic (except in a few of the TMA prompts).

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