December 31st, 2019


Mème de fin d'année - fanfics

The Magnus Archives : 30
Princes to Pay (Jon/Tim, NC-17) [English]
Alternate Qualifications (Elias/Martin, NC-17) [English]
Dirty Deals (Elias/Martin, NC-17) [English]
The Sweet Embrace of Death (End/Oliver, M) [English]
Getting Unlucky (Elias/Jon/OMC, NC-17) [English]
Eternal Flame (Jude/Agnes, NC-17) [English]
What the Darkness Wants (Dark/Julia, Robert/Julia, NC-17) [English]
Hit me with a love that burns so bright (Daisy/Basira, NC-17) [English]
Afterschool Special (Anatomy Students/Lionel Elliott, NC-17) [English]
On the Edge (Jon/Martin, PG) [English]
Squeeze (The Governor/George Gilbert Scott, M) [English]
Office Hours (Elias/Tim, NC-17) [English]
Dreams of Death (Oliver/Jon, M) [English]
Just like a fairy tale (Benoît Maçon/Beetle Wife, M) [English]
A darker world (Maxwell Rayner/John Flamsteed, M) [English]
Pretty Doll (Stranger Monsters/Tim, NC-17) [English]
No more words (Jon/Elias, NC-17) [English]
Love after Love (Jon/Martin, NC-17) [English]
Histoires d'araignées et de quelques personnes prises dans leurs toiles (Martin, PG) [avec des annexes]
Ashes and Silk (Gertrude/Agnes, PG-13) [English]
Walking with Spiders (Jon/Martin, 20 chapters, R) [English]
A Grudge in Yellow (Gertrude/Michael, M) [English]
Destiny Looms (OC + Spiders, PG) [English]
Dead Ends (Tim/Martin, NC-17) [English]
The Key of the Spiral (Ivo Lensik's father, PG-13) [English]
Owner of a Lonely Heart (Peter/Martin, NC-17) [English]
Getting Even (Martin/Elias, NC-17) [English]
Hard Nights (Elias/Martin, NC-17) [English]
Honeypot (Beholding/Tim, Elias/Tim, NC-17) [English]
Knives, blood, and the human body (Melanie/Helen, NC-17) [English]

Contes et mythes : 5
Manger et être mangé (Hansel et Gretel, Gretel, T)
The Flower and the Fairy (Original fairy tale, Fairy/Knight, NC-17) [English]
Le chat qui n'avait pas encore de bottes (Le chat botté, PG) [English Translation at Cat of all trades]
Heer Halewijn's Song of Blood (Halewyn, the princess, T) [English]
Cours vite (Mythologie nordique, Loki et Sleipnir, PG)

Divers manga/anime : 4
What was broken, what was lost (Utena, Shiori/Juri, M) [English]
Triangle des nuits d'été (Little Witch Academia, Croix/Akko/Chariot, PG-13)
Le poids des ombres (Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu, Kikuhiko/Konatsu, M)
Deep feelings in cold, dead water (Mo dao zu shi, Wen Ning/Wei Wuxian, NC-17) [English]

Divers livres : 2
Past Curfew (Harry Potter, Barty Jr/Draco, NC-17) [English]
These Troublesome and Precious Feelings (Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, Emma->Arabella, PG) [English]

Divers cartoons/animation : 2
La croisée des chemins (La princesse et la grenouille, Facilier, PG-13)
Dark Harvest (The Dragon Prince, Harrow/Viren, NC-17) [English]

Divers séries : 1
99,6% (Person of Interest, Shaw(/Root)/The Machine, R)

Divers musique : 1
Fall into the Void with me (The Bifrost Incident, Odin/Loki, PG-13) [English]

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