December 19th, 2019

Nocker II

TMA Rarepair Exchange Letter

Hello, fellow TMA fan! I'm glad you will write or draw for me! This podcast is my main fandom these days!

So, let's have a list of what I love:
* Exploration of the Fears and how the characters, especially avatars, relate to them. Religious themes. Fear imagery in fanart!
* Emotions and drama and guilt
* Dark or angsty smut (including dubcon and noncon when it works with the ship)
* Weird domesticity, where strange and supernatural things become normal to the characters (or always were)
* Mind control and mind alteration.
* Spiders and spiderwebs.

What I don't want
* All kind of AUs except canon divergence. I'd like better not too much speculation about what happens after 160. Also, for fanart, I'd like better if every character looked like their canon description.
* Fic/art where the supernatural worldbuilding is a very secondary aspect (be it as smut, fluff, angst, issuefic.)
* AU where the character serve a different power except explicitly asked for
* Mutilation, graphic heavy injuries. Non-canon character death.
* Pregnancy plots.
* Second person fic.
* Character bashing even of unrequited characters, characters being less resourceful/clever/skilled/cautious than in canon. Bashing of Jon/Martin, I know it's not the point of the exchange and no problem if you ignore it, just don't make the characters explain why it's a bad ship.
* Pandemics.
* Cheating.

More under the cut with optional directions for all the ship!

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