October 13th, 2019

Nocker II

Consent Issues 2019

Hello, fellow writer! Thanks for participating to this exchange. I'm glad you have a fandom in common with me. I'm sure I will be very happy with the fic you will write for me! All the prompts are optional, but I love to read them when I'm writing for someone else. :-D

What I like:
* Characters physically enjoying it and orgasming, but (for the victim(s) at least) being emotionally devastated.
* So, all the angst and feelings! I'm all there for the emotional pain! The betrayal, the guilt, the powerlessness, the regrets... Also, in situations where it applies, the ethical dilemmas, the pining, the mental breakdowns.
* I love all kind of supernatural influences. Mind manipulation, sex pollen, aliens made them do it, everything that makes the characters lose control and it's terrifying.
* All kind of supernatural elements in general, really, be it xeno or use of magical powers in sex.
* I love dialogue and characters talking. Begging, threats, being forced to tell out loud what they feel, gloating, lies or hard truths, everything.
* I like it when the characters (including the victims) keep all their skills, be it cleverness, magic, snark, strength. It won't be enough to avoid the rape, but it could save them from even worse, or save other people.

Do not want:
* All kinds of AUs except canon divergence. Even in canon divergence, I'd rather characters keep their canon personality and most of their history.
* Bimbofication. BIG squick here. Actually, avoid the words "bimbo" and "himbo" altogether.
* Underage under 14 years old, age regression, infantilization, forced feminization, pegging.
* Any precise mention of the size of penis, breasts or any genitalia (big or small is okay, I don't want the cup size or the centimeters)
* Description of heavy injuries, especially with lasting effects, like mutilation. I'm here for emotional pain, or a more "abstract" and non-permanent kind of physical pain. No surgery or medical kinks either.
* I'm not into reference to real life issues: racism, sexism, homophobia, ideally don't exist here. Not do STDs. Neither references to institutional rape or slavery.
* Trans headcanons
* Any kind of "mechanical" rape, where the characters don't have strong emotions about it.
* Mention of any character being in love/lust of another only for their looks. Actually, most "love at first sight" stories.
* Mentions of pregnancy (passing threats are fine), or lactation.
* Watersports or scat or emetophilia as the center of the story (it's okay if it's a passing mention)
* Non-canon character death, except for the evil alternate doubles who appear in some prompts. (it includes innocent OCs being massively killed - threats are fine if everyone is saved in the end).
* Second person. External PoV or outsider PoV - because I want all the feelings, as I was saying :-)

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