May 19th, 2019

Nocker II

Fic - smutswap - The Magnus Archives, Origfic

These days I have reposted very few fics here. Because I took the habit to use this account for French fandom, and I have been writing mostly in English.

Though [community profile] smutswap is a DW-based comm, so I can reblog this (one month late) at least!

This counts also as a poll: whoever reads my DW or LJ, Do you think I should use it to reblog fics in English? Yes, no, you don't care?

And now, the fics! Both are quite heavy smut, first one is a bit dubcon, the second one full noncon.

Titre : Office Hours
Auteur : [personal profile] flo_nelja
Fandom : The Magnus Archives
Persos : Elias/Tim
Genre : Smut
Résumé : Elias offers Tim some compensation for the undue stress Jon's paranoia is causing him. It escalates from here.
Rating : NC-17
Disclaimer : Everything belong to Rusty Quill and Jonny Sims
Nombre de mots : ~5000
Avertissements : Lots of dubcon porn (the consent is technically enthusiastic, but if one of the characters knew what the other thinks of him, he would be out so fast), verbal humiliation.

( Link to AO3 )

Titre : The Flower and the Fairy
Auteur : [personal profile] flo_nelja
Fandom : Original, inspired by a few fairy tales and porn tropes
Persos : Original Fairy Character/Original Knight Character
Genre : Smut, very dark fairy tale
Résumé : An arrogant knight is looking for the Fern Flower, which grant wishes. But you don't steal what belongs to the fairies without being harshly punished.
Rating : NC-17
Disclaimer : Mine I guess
Nombre de mots : ~6700
Avertissements : Mind control leading to noncon sex, some homophobia on the victim that is not meant as making right all that happens to him.

( Link to AO3 )

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