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Mème sur les fandoms

Pris à t3h_toby_chan.
Je suis sûre que j'ai oublié plein de choses... Je suis trop diversifiée. :-)
Et j'ai répondu en anglais juste parce qu'on me posait les questions en anglais, mais mon Dieu, je suis sûre que les fautes de grammaire me guettent !

General 'Ship Meme (Het, Yaoi, and Yuri.)
Your first fandom and pairing? Evangelion, Shinji/Kaoru, for watching fanarts ; Slayers, Zelgadis/Amelia, for fanfics ; Yu yu hakusho for writing (with no pairing)
The fandoms in which you read?A lot of Bleach these days, but also Full Metal Alchemist, Harry Potter, Buffy, Trigun, Hikaru no go, X, Tolkien, Gundam wing, Death Note, X-men, Naruto, Utena, Comte Cain, Slayers, myths and legends, Good omens, Princess Tutu, Angel sanctuary, Evangelion... and a lot more, that I forget now.
The fandoms in which you write?These days : Bleach, FMA, Harry Potter, Buffy, World of darkness, trying some Princess Tutu, and maybe some others to come soon. In the past, you can add : Tolkien, Hôshin Engi, fairy tales, Kenshin, Gundam wing, Death Note, Yu yu hakusho, Trigun, Orion, Naruto, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Comte Cain, Utena, Noir, INS/MV, and maybe some others but I'm not sure
Your favorite Het pairings?There are a number of pairings that I adore in canon, but I wouldn't read or write fics about them, all is in the real story : Kenshin/Tomoe (Kenshin), Soichirô/Yukino (KareKano), Melmoth/Immalie (Melmoth l'homme errant), Willow/Oz (Buffy), Julie/Bernard (Sambre), Joel/Clementine (Eternal sunshine), Shuji/Chise (SaiKano). In fandom : Zelgadis/Amelia (Slayers), Haku/Chihiro (Le voyage de Chihiro), Ichigo/Rukia (Bleach), Scar/Lust (FMA), Fakir/Ahiru (Princess Tutu)...
Your favorite Yaoi pairings?Kaoru/Shinji (Evangelion), Seishirô/Subaru (Tokyo Babylon), Hikaru/Akira (Hikaru no go), Trowa/Quatre (Gundam wing), Knives/Legato (Trigun), Warren/Andrew (Buffy), Charon/Roderick (Seimaden), Gin/Kira (Bleach)...
Your favorite Yuri pairings?Soma/Kendappa (Rg Veda), Claudine/Luce (Colette), Willow/Tara (Buffy), Chloe/Kirika (Noir), Nanako/Saint-Just (Oniisama e), Orihime/Tatsuki (Bleach)...
Favourite genres?I love a lot of things, from total crack to smut, but I especially read a lot of short angsty introspective pieces.
Least favorite Het pairings?Hum... Hermione/Draco, Tôga/Utena, Kenshin/Kaoru, Lina/Zelgadis, and everything OOC (except when it's sooo well done that I can forget it is).
Least favorite Yaoi pairings?Subaru/Kamui, and everything OOC (same restrictions as above)
Least favorite Yuri pairings?Willow/Kennedy, and - guess - everything OOC (always the same restrictions)
Least favorite genres?Mary-Sue ? Just kidding, but I really don't know. I usually don't like multi-chaptered fics in which nothing happens but conversations and evolution of feelings leading to romance... but there are one of two I adore, so... I can't say. Oh, yes, heavy AU (I mean totally changing the univers, not a "what if") usually bothers me.
The best overall fanfic author you've read?I have to choose? Well, Enclume, then.
Why?I can't explain. I don't always like the pairings and characters she writes, and she is not the best at spelling, but when I read her fics about the power of illusion, I feel a deep trouble which is both literary and emotional, and which makes be think "there is somethinghere.", the same feeling I have when I read my favourite non-fics authors. As an objective fact : her fics are at the same time deeply connected to the HP world, and very personal.
The best story you've ever read?Again, it's hard to choose. I can tell my favourites, but they are not necessarily the best i've read, I can often understand why I love them, and it's for reasons which are personal to me... Really, I can't answer this question objectively.
The best story you have written?I feel I'm a sort of hypocrite, here. When I read fics, I like short pieces and don't like so much original characters, but when I'm the one to write, I love my OCs. I love "Chroniques de Perpignan" and "Machine de Turing". For real fics, maybe "L'Amour et la Bête", my Princess Tutu fic...
The worst story you have written?An untitled lemon Taiitsu/Nataku (Hôshin Engi). It was to please a loved friend, I was young, I was bad at wrinting and worse at writing lemons !
Do you leave feedback?Yes, a lot. On ffnet, and here. Because I like it, and I like to please people, it's so simple to write it when you loved a story ! I even sometimes give constructive fedback. :-)
Do you get feedback?Yes, though mostly by people I already know. I have nice friends. :-)
Do you have any specific squicks?OOC
Do you have any specific pairings that squick you?Well, most of my "least favourite pairings" list.
How much time do you spend reading/writing?A lot. Maybe one hour a day ?
Have you made friends via your 'shipping?Yes.
What pairing do you feel absolutely strongest about? The one that irritates you the most to see broken up. (Het.)I don't know... My reply will often be "as long as it's in character..." Maybe Soichirô and Yukino from KareKano.
What pairing do you feel absolutely strongest about? The one that irritates you the most to see broken up. (Yaoi.)Hum... Seishirô and Subaru from Tokyo Babylon.
What pairing do you feel absolutely strongest about? The one that irritates you the most to see broken up. (Yuri.)Sôma and Kendappa from Rg Veda.
What pairing do you feel absolutely strongest about negatively? The one that irritates you the most to see in any way. (Het.)Hermione/Draco !
What pairing do you feel absolutely strongest about negatively? The one that irritates you the most to see in any way. (Yaoi.)I don't know... I can't even say Ed/Al, since I have seen some decent fics about them...
What pairing do you feel absolutely strongest about negatively? The one that irritates you the most to see in any way. (Yuri.)I don't know either, so maybe Lina/Amelia, which just doesn't work.
What do you think of crossover pairings? I usually have no interest in such things, since my favourite pairings are more about a preexisting relationship than about a compatibility of characters. But sometimes, I get hooked by a stupid crossover crack pairing (like Conan from Detective Conan and Siman from sankukai). The more cracky, the more acceptable.
Has there ever been a pairing that you wish had hooked up in canon, but it didn't occur?Yes, often. Sometimes it stays close to canon but not really (Zelgadis/Amelia, and much more), sometimes it could have happened, but they have a sad ending before they have the time (Charon/Roderick, and much more), sometimes I knew it just wouldn't happen because I just imagine yaoi in a shônen, but it would have been nice (Akira/Hikaru...), and sometimes - the worst case - it goes against the canon pairings which happen (Hatsuharu/Yuki...)
Has there ever been a pairing that DID hook up in canon and you wished they hadn't?Yes, sometimes. Willow/Kennedy and Kenshin/Kaoru are good examples.
What pairing have you not written that you'd love to write?These days, I'd like to write Fakir/Ahiru. And Heero/Relena. And maybe one day I'll be able to write Kaoru/Shinji.
Do you go into a series looking for something to 'ship or does it come naturally?I really don't have to search in the first time. But sometimes, I can add new ships to the one which come naturally. Just for fun. :-)
Is 'shipping a way of life?Not quite.

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